Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Episode 338: We Ran

Break out your Box art of Twilight of the Reich and Festung Budapest and put on your art appreciation eyeglasses for the return of Box Art Review. In the Box is the Grumble Jones Pack Vol 1 from the Kansas City March Madness folks. Scenario FB2: The Devils Free to Have a Try is analyzed in this show. 

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0:01 I Ran Parody Song
4:00 Banter 
19:00 Box Art Review 
23:15 Contest Winner and New Contest Announced
38:00 What's in the Box?
49:09 What Have You Been Playing Lately?
1:00:47  Total Running Time 

Bitterest Day

Lyrics: Dennis Donovan
Vocals: The 2 Half Squad Singers

Assaulting down the avenue
I never thought I’d see a stack like you 
Thirty-six down two
With 8-3-8s and HMGs
That kind of at-tack broke me right into
A 6 + 1 it’s, true.

And I ran, I routed far away
I just ran, I ran towards hex row A
Low crawl?  No way!

A DM appears above my head
A badge of shame for the next turn or two
The troops hate me it’s true
The coward’s running faster still           
Until some woods or buildings come in view                             
‘Til cover comes in view

And I ran, I ran far from the fray;
I just ran, ‘cuz no quarter’s in play
In cover I will stay

Reached out a hand to roll the dice
I can’t believe I need to roll a two
To rally?  Need a two!
Got shot at and rout-ed again
I’m running like that Forrest Gump it’s true                   
Soon I’ll be off board two                                

And I ran, don’t want to pass away
I just ran, stay and fight? No way?
We will lose any way

And I ran, to live another day
I just ran, what can a coward say?

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  1. Hey guys - THANK YOU for the plug on Tussle in the Tundra! I've been running it for 14 years now and while we're a humble event, we have a GREAT time and have fantastic swag and such. is the link. Registration is open and a play list will be forthcoming very soon.

    Best regards,
    Chuck Tewksbury

  2. Sorry should be