Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Episode 339: Hakkaa Hokey Paalle Eclipsed

 We sure enjoyed Dennis Donovan's rendition of his humorous song that opened the show. We are dancing to the Hakkaa Paalle Hokey Pokey, as we speak. The lyrics are below.  Mike Ryzy joins us in the Broadcast Foxhole while we read some letters, announce a new contest and discuss the various qualities of two nationalities in the Advanced Squad Leader system; The Italians and the Finnish. Dave and Mike have started a game from the Grumble Jones Pack Scenario MM75: Woodland Pursuit and Mike and Jeff have played some starter kit.

0:01 Song 
2:17 Chit Chat
9:15 Festung Budapest Pictures (Dave's Europe Trip)
16:00 Remembering Dean Essig
20:00 Letters
29:55 What Have You Been Playing Lately
34:00 Contest Winner and new Contest Announced
38:00 Rules 
58:10 Total Running Time


Rally Phase Records Presents!
Hakkaa Päälle (To the air of "The Hokey Pokey")
Concept and Lyrics: Dennis Donovan

You heard the gossipin’
You checked the rumors out
You started wonderin’
What the heck it’s all about
This thing called Hakkaa Päälle
How on earth is that pronounced?
Finns are, what it’s all about

Beyond Valor had some Finns
When BV first came out
In “Fighting Withdrawal”

Hex G37

They chased the Ruskis out
Are they over-powered?
We will never quite find out
'Till Hakkaa Päälle’s out

Hakkaa Päälle’s job’s
To flesh the Finnish out
And, the 3 Winter Wars
And what Sissis are all about
HASL Hakkaa Päälle
Is the fourteenth module
A.S.L.’s what it’s all about - Hey!

Hex G38


Said, “Finns or I-tal-ee-ans?”
When I pulled the counters out
It’s a gray area
So I checked the forums out
It seems in Hakkaa Päälle
A new color can’t be found
Do you toss the old blue Finns out?

Cogwheel Rail Station

When AFVs Russian (rush in)
Throw kloriharstis out
Pulkas are for sleddin’
Not dancin’ - I found out
These toys in Hakkaa Päälle like
Fan sleds to get around
Are what it is all about

You turned your playtests in
You filled the forms all out
That was decades ago
Getting printed is in doubt
You want the Hakkaa Päälle
MMP, please put it out
And end the HASL drought

You put your order in
You take your wallet out
You put your card number in
And ya print the receipt out
You’ve pre-ordered Hakkaa Päälle
And in a day or there about
“Levels reached!” MMP did tout

At Winter Offensive
Some great news did get out
Chas did some Facebookin’
And got the updates out
He did some Hocus-Pocus
And he got the module out
It’s Finnished, and finally out!

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