Saturday, April 26, 2008

Episode 3

Hurrah! We fixed the audio issues we had with episodes 1 & 2. The embedded player is now working!

Tonight we’re joined in the broadcast foxhole by our pal, Joe Pellam, who talks about his gaming history, his fascinating visits to Iwo Jima while in the Navy, and his love of ASL. A great guy, and a good friend, we’re pleased to have him as our guest.

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Episode 2

Undaunted by the mistakes and problems in Episode 1, we plunge ahead for 78 thrill-packed minutes.. This time we talk about the release of the long-awaited “Valor of the Guards”. We wonder about how many ASL players there are in the world. Jeff whips out the “Top Ten” list: “Why You Should Play ASL”. Of course we play “What’s in the Box?” and discuss a favorite scenario. Then Dave reveals a short list of rules that he used to forget and gives a little WW II history lesson.

This episode includes some intro music courtesy of

We had some technical problems with the audio on this episode. It will not play with an embedded player. You will have to download it. Right-click here and select to save the file.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Episode 1

Here we go with our first episode. This is our first experience with podcasting, too. We’ve scraped together some equipment, loaded up some software and popped open a couple of cool beers. We learned a lot and discovered some better ways of doing things, but rather than re-record the show, we’re publishing it as is and you can expect much better production values in future episodes.

We had some technical difficulties with the audio on this web site. If the embedded player does not work for this episode you can download this episode. Right-click here and select to save the file.