Thursday, April 30, 2015

Episode 139: Welk-ome to Season 8!

Normally a generous guy, Dave is hesitant to let
Hakkaa Pallee out of his grip.
We're back! Following a long (about 2 weeks) and restful break since the end of season 7, we're back with the most highly anticipated show of the year.

In a dramatic change to our format, we've decided to make this and all future episodes EROR FREE. That's right, from ASL rules to history to news we vow to be 100% akurate and indesputably corect -- except for any time when Jeff is talking . . . or typing! (Yes, he knows it's A-r-i-s-t-o-t-l-e and F-35, not 135).

When we last saw our Advanced Squad Leader heroes (Dave and Jeff) they had just concluded an opening of the much anticipated and long elusive Hakkaa Pallee module. Here we continue the story by looking at the HP terrain and other Finnlandian additions to the Rules including the very cool Prepared Fire Zone, Aerosan and some changes to Chapter E.

But before we start to finish with the Finns we read some splendid listener mail, and then wrap up the Anti Aircraft rules left over from last episode's Air topic. Then we open the box and take a look at Winter Offensive Bonus Pack #6 while exposing our ignorance of Z boards.

Almost tougher than punching some of the HP counters,
we finally got the beer free of these holders
It's a rare combination of sisu and buffoonery, so stop reading and start listening. Ah-one, and ah-two . . .

:30 - Banter
12:00 - Letters
40:00 - Rules: Anti Aircraft (in semi-quiz show format)
58:54 - What's in the Pouch Winter Offensive
1:10:15 - Terrain Time -- plus other stuff
Total time: 1:33:00

ASL Module Dependency Chart
ASL Scenario Chronology spreadsheet
Stand Fast the Guards Scenario
Panzerfunk Podcast (Flames of War and other Wargames)
At The Point newsletter at View From the Trenches
Navy to phase out live pilots

Canadian ASL Open

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

138: Hakkaa Paalle Finnalle!

This is the last show of our seventh year on the air, and we have everything you'd expect from a season finale. We start things off innocently enough with some excellent listener mail. Then we have an oh so satisfying conclusion to a long-running story arc with the highly anticipated release and reveal of Hakkaa Paalle!

We even have a cliff hanger ending! Will Jeff be returning for another season? You'll have to wait until NEXT season to find out. When will season eight begin? Dave's not telling! In the meantime, you'll have to speculate and commiserate, and this will give you some time to go back and re-listen to the previous 137 episodes (and 21 Extras). Have fun!
Dave on a SINGLE Man Counter.
Could it mean . . .?
1:00 Talk, Talk, Talk
10:30 Letters
44:30 What's in the Box?
1:21:10 Total Running Time

Drive a Tank (for Real)
Generation War (TV Show)

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Saturday, April 11, 2015

ASL Extra 21: Hammer to the Teeth

What? Another ASL Extra episode? Isn't that three extra episodes in as many months? Yes, it is, and thanks for noticing. Now just because we have achieved that high level of production recently doesn't mean you can take it to the bank -- or to the dentist. We just thought it was time to offer up some extra Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit material to our listener-ship, and so we got busy.
Hold on to your molars, break out your boards and unit counters, and follow along as Eric Ortega and Ron Schatz play scenario S15 Hammer to the Teeth.  This episode is recorded in the play by play style with Dave Kleinschmidt providing the live commentary.

Photos of Our Game Are Here at Our Flikr Site

Eddy M. del Rio's Excellent Example of Play and Tutorial
Merric's Musings Account of Said Battle
American Dental Association
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