Sunday, August 8, 2010

Episode 39: Go With the Flow

OBA example setup
In Episode 37 we presented an introduction to Off Board Artillery (OBA) use in ASL. For years the only way to learn OBA was to slog through several pages of complex rules. But then along came the OBA Player Aid, an ingenious and easy to use flow chart that makes OBA as easy as rowing your boat gently down the stream. Well, almost. If you've never used OBA for fear it was too complicated, join us as we Go With the Flow and judge for yourself.

With ASL Oktoberfest looming on the horizon, we thought this would be a good time to air our interview with ASLOK's commander-in-chief, Bret Hildebran. Be nice to Bret or he'll see you get room 1408.

We also read some listener mail, have an impromptu book report, and in general babble endlessly about -- what else -- our favorite game in the world.

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ASL Module Dependency Chart
Texas ASL group's fabulous Sticky errata (look for "sticky errata" files.)
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