Thursday, May 31, 2012

Episode 69: The Show With No Name

We managed to fill a whole episode with some odds and ends and we had a lot of fun doing it! Give us a call and let us know how you can tell when you've played too much ASL. Do that, and you will be entered into our contest to win some fantastical Advanced Squad Leader products. Start you're sentence with "You know you've played too much ASL when.....".  Example: "You know you've played too much ASL when you view the landscape out the window as hexes of terrain."

Box Art Review makes an appearance in this episode with a look at Operation Veritable and Operation Watchtower from MMP.

We received a package in the mail the other day. "In the box" was a Raaco storage tray system that we dug into, and examined, just to bring you a review. Thanks to Andreas at Trojan Games.

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8:10 Letters 
23:30 Auction Winner / New Contest Announced
28:20 Top 10 Things an ASLer will never say
32:00 What's in the Box?
42:00 Box Art Review
54:40 Total Running Time


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Monday, May 7, 2012

Episode 68: Stahlwart Stahler

Photo courtesy of Jim Stahler
All rights reserved

Not content with the ton of interviews we snagged at the ASL Open, we pursued another ASL legend, Jim Stahler.  After a near miss we made a connection with the man responsible for the Chapter K Training Manual for the Advanced Squad Leader Rule Book. Jim has also authored several articles for the Journal/Annual, and he has a big -- nay, GIGANTIC -- ASL project in the works that you can hear about here. Wow! This is one interview you won't want to miss.

And here's just a reminder that your chances to bid in the first T2HS Auction will soon be over. Email or tweet us with your bid(s), then watch our Twitter
feed for updates so you'll have a chance to bid again if you like. Items will go to the highest bidders on May 15th 2012. This is a great opportunity to get some great stuff and help out The 2 Half-Squads at the same time.

Here are the auction items:
Squad Leader - the Avalon Hill original. Used, good condition, might be missing some counters. 
Cross of Iron - the Avalon Hill expansion for above. Used, good condition, missing a counter.
For King and Country - the ASL module. New, un-punched.

6:10 Letters
19:30 Jim Stahler Interview
1:16:30 Total Running Time

Brits hope to dig up Spitfires

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