Saturday, December 22, 2012

Episode 82: Happy Landings

If you're prone to motion sickness, you may want to sit out this episode. Today we go back to the Advanced Squad Leader rule book for a look at stuff that falls out of the sky, specifically Gliders and Paratroops. If you've never played a scenario with either of these, we hope this episode will entice and persuade you to give them a try.

Of course, never ones to get right to the point, we first strain to entertain you with a reading of Letters, followed by a look at What's in the Box. This time, and in keeping with the theme of the show, we open a fresh copy of Pegasus Bridge. Ahh. Satisfying.

We had a hard time explaining what happens if a Glider or Paratroop gets moved offboard, so we've included some pics here to aid in comprehension -- we hope.
The example from Chapter E 8.221. Blue markers represent Avenue of Approach

Further, if the Glider were forced to take Evasive Action two hexes further offboard.
If you'd rather save yourself ninety-five minutes of precious time rather than listen to our rambling and babbling, we highly recommend you simply check out these excellent resources:
Greg Dahl's Paratrooper and Glider Summary Sheet
David Galan's Glider Landing Chart
David Galan's Paratroop Landing Chart

Look, up in the sky!

0:00 - Silly Banter
7:00 - Letters
21:00 - Call-ins
25:00 - What's In The Box?
43:00 - Glider Rules
1:1:06 - Paratroop Rules
1:1:35 - Total length

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Monday, December 3, 2012

Episode 81: Muddy Holiday AAR

Dave and Dave's playing of ASL
Scenario J136 Muddy Mayhem from
Journal #9's series at Suicide Creek.

Back again so soon?  Yes, we are. And so are you. This tidy little episode brings you two -- count 'em, Two! -- AARs (After Action Report). The first features tournament winner, Bob Holmstrom as he and Dave discuss their playing of Advanced Squad Leader scenario WO7 - Hell for the Holidays. It's full of tactical tips that go beyond the scenario at hand. Feel free to take notes.

During the second AAR, Dave Timonen and Dave Kleinschmidt discuss their playing of ASL scenario J136 - Muddy Mayhem. Beginning with a review of Mud rules, and the Muddy Mayhem SSR (Special Scenario Rules), they then dive into their encounter, each describing his plans, execution and results. The report is a look at how the Suicide Creek scenarios play out, things to think about while playing them.

Hey, do you see that "Record Message" tab? We're serious, hit it and leave us a message.

3:00 Letters
9:00 After Action With Bob 
35:00 Terrain Time: Mud
37:00 After Action With Dave 
59:05 Total Running Time

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