Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Episode 185: Luck o' the Perry

Jeff Hallett (friend of Dave Kleinschmidt) making prank calls.

In this episode we interview the indomitable Rich Spilky about his adventures and mis-adventures at ASLOK. You may have heard of the luck o' the Irish, well listen to this show and you will learn of the luck o' the Perry and how that can effect a game's outcome. Rich wraps it up with an in-depth look at his rules table 28. It's great, it deals with backblast! Can't get enough backblast now can we?

By the way, is your refrigerator running?

0:03 Prank Phone Calls
4:00 Boring Banter
20:00 Rich Spilky Speaks
1:02:40 Total Running Time

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Episode 184: Pad Thai Texas Style

The Map Pad Pack Pad in use. 
Oh boy, have we got a show for you! Not only do we bring back our special guests from the last show, Spilky and the Forgs (great name for a rock band eh?) and we give you a great opening song with lyrics by D. Donovan and beautiful vocals by Megan K.
Not only do we provide you with a report from the Texas ASL Tourney and we give you  a fantastic look at the new ASL Map Pad Packs from Broken Ground Design. Not only do we give you a rip roaring edition of Quiz Show and the usual and somewhat amazing BANTER.
But we also provide you with a....with a........well....maybe that is all we provide you with.

One kick-butt show, though, if we do say so ourselves.

0:02 Song "All About That Rate"
3:40 Banter
11:30 What's in the Box
22:30 Texas ASL Tourney and Tourney Bling Baby
34:00 Interesting Rules Rich Learned
41:00 Quiz Show
1:07:20 Total Running Time

They are in the write-up above. Look for the blue letters.

Because you know I'm all about that rate
'Bout that rate, no re-zid
I'm all about that rate
'Bout that rate, no cowers
I'm all about that rate
'Bout that rate, no malfing
I'm all about that rate
'Bout that rate... 

Yeah, Rate of Fire’s, in A9.2
And I can make it, make it, it’s not that hard to do            
'Cause I got that good luck, that all the guys crave
And all the right rolls in all the right phases

You’ll see my machine guns, workin' that R.O.F
You know my luck’s unreal, I just can’t make it stop
When I get lucky rate runs, I use ‘em up
By shooting up all your kill stacks from the bottom to the top

Yeah, my mentor he told me "Don't worry about the SAN"
He says, "Boys like a little more shooty in a fire fight"
You know with ordnance, guns and MGs I get rate with them all
So defeating you in two turns – won’t take very long


I'm bringing shooty back                      
So many shots you’ll have a heart attack.
So, when we’re playing, I know I’ll squish you flat
But I'm here to tell you...
Gonna shoot up all your kill stacks from the bottom to the top

Yeah, my mentor he told me "Don't worry about the "SAN"
He says, "Boys like a little more shooty in a fire fight"
You know I will get a one on the colored die when I roll
Yo, just letting you know my rate runs can last all year long
(Chorus x2)

Because you know I'm all about that rate
'Bout that rate, no treble
I'm all about that rate
'Bout that rate, no treble
I'm all about that rate
'Bout that rate, no treble
I'm all about that rate
Yeah yeah... ohh... You know you like this rate... Hey...

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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Episode 183: Last Bid Revisited and More

Forg, Kleinschmidt, and Spilky
Realizing that Dave and Jeff alone make for an awfully lonely (and sometimes just plain awful) show, they invited Rich Spilky, and Bill and Will Forg to discuss their playing of The Last Bid from Red Barricades. As you might expect, you will gain some great tactical advice from the discussion. After that "after action report" Rich and Bill both discuss their latest Advanced Squad Leader related products and ideas. These brilliant ideas include new charts, a better method of making tongs and counter containers, and much more. Oh, yeah, and don't you think for a moment that you can steal these great ideas. They are patented.

All made with a 3D printer

1:00 Behind the Scenes Chatter
Forg's container for Japanese Vehicles
2:50 The Last Bid After Action Report
44:50 Spilky's Upcoming ASL Projects
57:30 Forg's ASL Projects
1:08:50 Total Running Time

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Friday, August 11, 2017

Episode 182: I Was Giddy Until Turn Three

There really isn't anything such thing as "motor goat bun" rules in Advanced Squad Leader, but there are rules about WIRE, and we give them a steely look in this episode. Banter includes discussion of the film Guadalcanal Diary, The Fighting Sullivans and War For the Planet of the Apes. We cover a few ASL scenarios that we played lately, including Into The Rubble 17 from Bounding Fire Productions. Listen to the letters from our wonderful listeners and get some ideas about how to store your ASL goodies in order to better travel with it, discover players who are looking for fellow gamers in their area. Learn how to get started in the game.

CONTEST! Here is the latest contest... send us a gmail the type of specialty scenarios that would you like to see more of? More partisans? More special forces? Commandos? MGB? Or what historical area should be explored in an ASL product?  Brest Litovsk? Corriegedor? Zombies?
Send us your opinion by October first and you will be entered into our drawing.  The prizes include The Scenario Designers Handbook (1st place), Critical Hit 10th Anniversary Magazine (2nd place), and the Sabaton CD (3rd place).

1:00 Here We Go A Bantering?
13:20 What Have You Been Playing Lately?
30:40  Letters
36:20 Contest Kind of Announced
54:45 Terrain Time
1:13:35 Total Running Time

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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Episode 181: Broken Ground Explored

Everybody loves counters.  Alan Findlay of Broken Ground Design makes some cool ones. Alan checks in with The 2 Half-Squads and discusses his gaming background and introduction to Squad Leader. Broken Ground Design makes an interesting mouse pad scenario pack as well as some beautiful color counters that are historically accurate.

Broken Ground Design

Alan added the following clarifications:
Alan Findlay and his Brest Litovsk Map
For my counter sheets, the price goal is $11/sheet, not $10 as I said in answer to your question. My original goal had been $10, but prior to starting the pre-order process I realized I needed to bump it up, and that is reflected in the advertised pricing. 

Also for the counter sheets, something I said could probably be understood in two very different ways. The number of counters for the German AFV/ordnance is 1,056 but that isn't the number of unique vehicles. There are approx. 150+/- unique AFV/ordnance. When I mentioned "no duplicates", I meant that no *sheet* appears twice".

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