Saturday, August 3, 2019

Episode 227: Pachyderms and Pillboxes

Mike Stubits joins Dave and Jeff in the Broadcast Foxhole as he discusses his gaming background and his tournament experiences.  He is freshly back from the St. Louis Tournament that he attended with Rich Spilky.  And he recounts his adventures and the wonderful generosity of the Texas ASL boys!

You can brush up on your pillbox rules during Terrain Time, which doubles as a kind of Quiz Show so pack up your pachyderms and your ASL kit in your trunk, and play along!

1:00 ASL Tournament Talk
29:00 Terrain Time
1:06:20 Total Running Time

Pachyderms at Brookfield Zoo
Boardgame Geek Pillbox Questions

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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Episode 226: Red Factories for Snobs

Some banter brings talk of the American Civil War in gaming, and in the book about the Civil War, Battle Cry of Freedom. The discussion of that book leads us to a discussion on economics, (wait, did we just say economics?) yes, we did. 

The letters from our fascinating listeners are as interesting as usual, and if anyone knows where the current ASL Ladder is located please let us know.  Because interesting listeners want to know.

We then take a deep look in the box, and finally find Red Factories by Multi-Man Publishing! There is a lot of content to see, the original Red Barricades maps are here, as well as those for the new Red October game. That is four mega maps! Also included are some new counters, as well as reprints of those from Barricades.  We take a gander at all of these excellent ASL accessories. It's a sneak peek into Advanced Squad Leader heaven.

1:00 Too Much Chat, but it's Fascinating Chat
20:00 Letters
32:00 What's in the Box?
57:00 Total Running Time

Battle Cry of Freedom Book
Red Banner from DC Conscripts

The 2 Half-Squads is brought to you by Ritterkrieg, Bounding Fire Productions, Broken Ground Design   and kind donations from listeners like you!

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Monday, July 8, 2019

Episode 225: Quarter of the Way to One Thousand

Scenario 114 Cautious Crusaders from Armies of Oblivion by Multi-Man Publishing is featured in our What Have You Been Playin' Lately? segment. You can actually hear Dave whine about vehicle bypass freeze moves . . . whine, whine, whine. We open the box and discover Winter Offensive Bonus Pack #10. Four scenarios and two of them funky boards are included. Another glance in the box reveals the counter sheets to Red Factories. What, we haven't covered that yet?

1:00 Banter
10:35 What You Been Playin?
28:00 What's in the Box?
52:00 What's also in the Box?
1:03:03 Total Running Time

The 2 Half-Squads is brought to you by Ritterkrieg, Bounding Fire Productions, Broken Ground Design and kind donations from listeners like you!

Scenario 114 Cautious Crusaders
Stupid vehicle bypass freeze!

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Friday, June 21, 2019

Episode 224: Bupkiss (Bubkes?)

Scenario SV8  Mud and Blood 
Lots of letters get us off on the right foot on this show. You can always rely on the listeners to provide some great material. Tournament announcements, commendations, questions and answers (although not very good ones, from us). What's in the Box? examines the Polish and Romanian counters from Broken Ground Design and...wait for it....the new contest!  BING, BING, BING, simply get on Twitter if you can, Tweet at #T2HSPoles state that you would like the Polish counters and you will be entered in the contest.  We realize there could be some complications with this method including the fact that if you are not on Twitter you will hate us, but we will just have to figure it out as we go. Contest ends July 31st.  What we have played lately is SV8 Mud and Blood, FrF97 Wrecking the Rentals, and ASL111 Balkan Sideshow.

1:00 Random Talk
 9:30 Letters
37:30 What's in the Box?
47:00 Contest Announced
50:00 What Have You Been Playing Lately?
1:07:02 Total Running Time

Malaya Madmen Singapore July 26, 2019
Canadians and Brits at Arnhem
Duitse aanval bij Westervoort Video 10 mei 1940
Tanker Coin
Wild West Fest ASL Tourny
Possiby a Real Best of List That We Are On
St. Louis ASL Tourny
Peg Leg Porker - Nashville
ASL Balkan Sideshow Controversy on Game Squad

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Monday, June 17, 2019

Episode 223: Simply Spilky

Rich and son Jared
You'd think after 222 episodes we would know our equipment through and through, and all the steps for recording would be deeply ingrained in our minds. Alas, NO. I (Jeff) messed up the audio on parts of this otherwise very excellent episode. Please pardon my blunder. (If you would like a written apology, just send me a self-addressed, stamped envelope and a check for $22.30.)

Anyway, it's still an excellent show as far as content is concerned. One need only mention the name Rich Spilky and you can be sure there will be plenty of great ASL talk. Tonight Rich is back with more of his player aid tables, and we discuss the four new additions. They're sure to make your ASL gaming easier and more enjoyable. We also discuss a future project he's got in the works regarding the statistics behind drawing OBA cards. And we talk about his recently published replay and analysis of The Last Bid. Finally, his son Jared joins us to chit-chat about gaming from the perspective of a 20-something.

Show Links
Where in the world is this sharp dressed man?
The Dead Sea in Jordan.

The latest Spilky tables
Robert Medrow's OBA article in The General Vol 24 No 2 (via View from the Trenches web site)
Scenario Replay and Analysis: The Last Bid [RB5]; Rich Spilky (via Texas ASL web site)

Show Times
3:00 Spilky tables
33:00 OBA article
49:00 The Last Bid article
1:05 Chat with Jared

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