Saturday, September 26, 2015

Episode 147: Ukulele Jeff

Don't hate Dave because he's beautiful. You can buy
one of these great hats. Then you'll be beautiful too!
OK, we admit it. This episode doesn't contain as much ASL goodness as you may have come to expect from us. We do spend more time than usual with banter about vacation adventures, business ventures, contest indentures and cinema quenchers. But it's all good and valuable and useful and worthy of your time. Plus, there's still plenty of ASL . . . somewhere in there, somewhere between the vertigo and the ukulele music.

Oh yeah, and did we mention we have HATS?
The hat doesn't come with instructions, but it doesn't matter.
You'll look great no matter how you wear it.
1:00 Vacation Banter
18:00 Jeff's Non ASL Cockamamie Ideas
19:45 Contest announced (we mean it this time!) Ends Oct 31st 2015
23:25 Letters (and hat sale announcement)
29:30 Movie Review Emperor
57:50 Scenario Analysis Arctic Crossroads w Dave T
1:14:30  TOTAL

Arctic Crossroads Defensive Set-up
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Friday, September 4, 2015

Episode 146: Beat Me in St. Louis

Super cool shirt and super cool magazine (with map and
scenarios) from St. Louis ASL Club
In today's show we are pleased to speak to Jim Burris from The St Louis ASL Club. Jim had plenty to talk about as most of the interview took place during the 2015 St Louis ASL Tournament, an annual event run by Jim and his cadre. But beyond the excitement of the tournament in progress, Jim et al had also just launched their first major historical project, China-Burma-India: The Lost Theater (Part I: The Japanese Invade: December 1941 - May 1942) and Jim tells us all about it.

Then Dave and I crack open the aforementioned historical pack for a look-see. We were impressed. So will you be when you get yours.

An auspicious collection of great ASL minds . . .
and Jeff .
Never have so many known so much about so little.

That's Mr. Churchill (back row) doing a Zelig imitation
0:00 Banter
13:30 Jim Burris
1:02:00 - What's in the Box? China-Burma-India Historical pack from The St Louis ASL Club
Total Time: 1:41:00

Jefferson Barracks WW II reenactment
Jefferson Barracks
National Churchill Museum
Jagersoft Games

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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Episode 145: Utterly Eric

Thanks to Dan Dolan for this nice image
we thought we'd share with you.
Last episode featured a visit from local ASLer, Eric Ortega, who had no problem filling the show with his enthusiasm for the greatest game in the world, Advanced Squad Leader. In fact, we couldn't fit his joie de guerre into a single session, so here he is again. Are you wearing your seat belt?

We start off with some Banter with a capitol "B", then move into listener mail. Jeff throws out another one of his ill-conceived and cockamamie ideas, and we chit and chat about AFV cards. Then somehow we have an interesting discussion about Journal 1 and end with a scenario setup analysis.

Forget the cowbell. We've got a cure for your fever . . . and it's more Eric!

Hammer and Nail Set-up

1:00 Banter for Sure About Motorcycles
8:55 Letters
32:45 Jeff's Cockamamie Ideas
37:30 AFV Cards
43:30 Journal 1 discussion
107:30 Hammer and Nail  setup analysis
1:26:28  TOTAL

VASLING with Stew

Want to join the live ASL chat room on Send us your email address and we'll send you an invitation. It's all AS, all the time.

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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Episode 144: When Jeff Doesn't Say Ummm.

Eric Ortega (front and center) and friends
from Southwest Outpost ASL Group
In today's episode we're happy to welcome Eric Ortega to the broadcast foxhole. Eric is commander-in-chief of Southwest Outpost, a new and burgeoning ASL group near Chicago. If you're not excited about Advanced Squad Leader, Eric's infectious exuberance will fix that!

This episode has a bit [a LOT, actually] of something for everyone. Barrels of banter, tons of tips, scads of scenario talk. The only thing lacking is Jeff saying, "ummm".

St. Louis scenario "Revenge is a Dish" Japanese Burmese set-up

1:00 Discussion of SW Gaming Group with Eric
12:15 What's in the Box -- Journal 1 (part 1)
1:15:00 Scenario Analysis -- STL10 Revenge is a Dish
Total Running Time 1:39:10
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Saturday, July 18, 2015

ASL Extra 22: A Bloody Harvest - Play by Play

Dave Timonen, as the Germans, attacks into Poland in 1939. Doug Gries, as the Poles, defends a small village surrounded by grain fields. Doug hasn't played a game in quite a while but, much like riding a bicycle, it all comes back to him very quickly. The fact that both OB's were infantry only surely helped.

This was recorded during a PAASL meeting and there is a bit of annoying background noise until about 40 minutes in. This episode has been recorded with every move covered in detail, so it is well worth the effort of listening. There is a nice discussion of tactics at the end. So break out your boards, focus in on the main voices, and enjoy.
Which side will prevail?
Listen to find out!

The Scenario Card
The Germans pass by the trenches.

Photos of the game at Flikr
ASL Index
A Replay on the "Hulldown" Blog
Scott J, Eddie Z, and B. Abela's AAR

Total Running Time: 1:55:15

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