Thursday, December 7, 2017

Episode 188: Dave and Jeff Save the World

Coolest pic ever.  Credit to the Box Cars Again Blog
After the fantastic interview last show, we couldn't really follow it up with anything as great as that, so we decided to clean out some letters,  bring you what's new in the Advanced Squad Leader world with In The News, and talk about scenarios we have played lately.  Simple, yet beautiful.   Enjoy.

1:00  Driving Habits Banter
6:00 Letters
26:40 In the News
36:00 What Have You Been Playing Lately?
33:00 A Special Package in the Mail
58:00 Total Running Time

Box Cars Again Blog
Friendly Fire 11
Le Franc Tireur From The Cellar-8
March Madness 2017 (we couldn't find 2018 on the web)
Objective Schmidt
Kustenjager - Heat of Battle

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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Episode 187: Cool Katz in Korea

This is why we had to title the episode as we did. 
When you can snag interviews with people the likes of Ken Katz, you've got an excellent show with very little effort on the part of the interviewers.You also don't need to edit a whole lot. Ken brings us the inside scoop on the soon to be released (well, soon is a relative term) Multi-Man ASL product The Forgotten War, Korea 1950-1953.  Ken does an outstanding job giving us the run down on the development, history, boards, counters and rules of this fascinating new module. We are really looking forward to this one.

0:01 T2HS Singers perform Objective Schmidt with lyrics by Dennis Donovan
2:10 No Banter (we promise)
2:11 Ken Katz Interview
1:17:30 Total Running Time

The War For Korea by Millett 1950-51
The War For Korea 1945-50 by Millet
US Army Center of Military History
US Marine Corps history of the Korean War

Objective Schmidt is coming soon, by BFP for ASL
Objective Schmidt is coming soon, this news you can't be ignoring
It comes with 2 new HASL maps, of Vossenack and Kommerschmidt
And 18 new scenarios, one of which is a campaign.

There won't be a big magazine, just a booklet with some pages.
Of HSR's and CG stuff, and the historical background.
And what price tag will OS bring, one hundred clams? I'd gladly pay.
Which release date are you thinking? BFP we are imploring.

And all the souls on earth shall sing, on release day, on release day.
I hope it's what Santa will bring on Christmas Day in the morning.

Then let us all rejoice again when comes the day, when comes the day?
More new stuff from the three wise men, who sleigh us with all their new products.


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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Episode 186: Very Scary Show

A truly VERY scary picture
Happy Halloween, all. We bring you a very scary show for this very scary season. Hear lots of interesting ideas, thoughts and suggestions from our listeners as we share their letters. These letters also include some film suggestions and Advanced Squad Leader tournament announcements. Listen closely as we determine the winners of the contest and see if you are one of the lucky ones. Our contest participates answer the question "what would you like to see more of in ASL?". They have some great ideas. Scenario designers listen up.

0:02 Another Prank Phone Call
3:00 Scary Spiel
11:08 Letters
35:55 Contest Scenario Ideas
1:07:10 Contest Winners Announced
1:12:10 Total Running Time

Bill Cauble's Puma Prowls in miniature.
Ramblings of a Technoviking - Tussle on the Tundra
DC Conscripts Tourny Human Wave 2018
Burden of Command Game
Film - White Tigers
Our Other Podcast - Spine and Sprocket
Angkor Fest ASL Tourny Video

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Episode 185: Luck o' the Perry

Jeff Hallett (friend of Dave Kleinschmidt) making prank calls.

In this episode we interview the indomitable Rich Spilky about his adventures and mis-adventures at ASLOK. You may have heard of the luck o' the Irish, well listen to this show and you will learn of the luck o' the Perry and how that can effect a game's outcome. Rich wraps it up with an in-depth look at his rules table 28. It's great, it deals with backblast! Can't get enough backblast now can we?

By the way, is your refrigerator running?

0:03 Prank Phone Calls
4:00 Boring Banter
20:00 Rich Spilky Speaks
1:02:40 Total Running Time

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Episode 184: Pad Thai Texas Style

The Map Pad Pack Pad in use. 
Oh boy, have we got a show for you! Not only do we bring back our special guests from the last show, Spilky and the Forgs (great name for a rock band eh?) and we give you a great opening song with lyrics by D. Donovan and beautiful vocals by Megan K.
Not only do we provide you with a report from the Texas ASL Tourney and we give you  a fantastic look at the new ASL Map Pad Packs from Broken Ground Design. Not only do we give you a rip roaring edition of Quiz Show and the usual and somewhat amazing BANTER.
But we also provide you with a....with a........well....maybe that is all we provide you with.

One kick-butt show, though, if we do say so ourselves.

0:02 Song "All About That Rate"
3:40 Banter
11:30 What's in the Box
22:30 Texas ASL Tourney and Tourney Bling Baby
34:00 Interesting Rules Rich Learned
41:00 Quiz Show
1:07:20 Total Running Time

They are in the write-up above. Look for the blue letters.

Because you know I'm all about that rate
'Bout that rate, no re-zid
I'm all about that rate
'Bout that rate, no cowers
I'm all about that rate
'Bout that rate, no malfing
I'm all about that rate
'Bout that rate... 

Yeah, Rate of Fire’s, in A9.2
And I can make it, make it, it’s not that hard to do            
'Cause I got that good luck, that all the guys crave
And all the right rolls in all the right phases

You’ll see my machine guns, workin' that R.O.F
You know my luck’s unreal, I just can’t make it stop
When I get lucky rate runs, I use ‘em up
By shooting up all your kill stacks from the bottom to the top

Yeah, my mentor he told me "Don't worry about the SAN"
He says, "Boys like a little more shooty in a fire fight"
You know with ordnance, guns and MGs I get rate with them all
So defeating you in two turns – won’t take very long


I'm bringing shooty back                      
So many shots you’ll have a heart attack.
So, when we’re playing, I know I’ll squish you flat
But I'm here to tell you...
Gonna shoot up all your kill stacks from the bottom to the top

Yeah, my mentor he told me "Don't worry about the "SAN"
He says, "Boys like a little more shooty in a fire fight"
You know I will get a one on the colored die when I roll
Yo, just letting you know my rate runs can last all year long
(Chorus x2)

Because you know I'm all about that rate
'Bout that rate, no treble
I'm all about that rate
'Bout that rate, no treble
I'm all about that rate
'Bout that rate, no treble
I'm all about that rate
Yeah yeah... ohh... You know you like this rate... Hey...

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