Monday, September 10, 2018

Episode 206: Vaughn, Kirk, Kraatz and More

Helllooooo Listeners!
Dave, Jeff and guess who? Listener Mark Kraatz at Gen Con
Did you know at Gen Con we were just walking down the street and someone yelled "Is that Dave and Jeff?"  Would you believe it was listener Mark Kratz? We also discuss the longest ASL scenario ever played. MMP's Messenger Boys. It took well over a year and a half. Lets see you take that long to play a scenario.  In the box is Winter Offensive Pack #9 .  We snagged a nice interview at the ASL Open with Wes Vaughn and Doug Kirk. Couple of real great guys.  Two finer gentlemen you could not meet.
Wes Vaughn and Doug Kirk watch a game at the ASL Open

1:00 Banter
12:25 What Have You Been Playin' Lately
27:00 What's in the Box?
39:30 ASL Open Interviews
1:22:59 Total Running Time

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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Episode 205: That's the Way It Goes Folks

When you're digging in your backyard and you
 have to put your garden project on hold while
the police come in and make the
 area a crime scene. 
Fall is fast approaching and so is the next episode.
We just can't believe how fast time flies. Or how long this episode is.  It seems like only yesterday we were celebrating #200 together. In this show Dave confesses his big mistake in tracking what we have covered and have not covered in the rules so far, he apologizes for covering the infantry fire rules again.    Therefore, we cover the rules from opportunity fire to rule 7.32.  Our goal is to cover the entire Advanced Squad Leader rule book before we conclude this show.After that Dave presents the first eight or so of the scenarios from the Forgotten War module. Boy, they look neat! To steal a pun from Donovan...they ROK!

How about that opening song? The lyrics were provided by Rob Banozic and the song was performed by The 2 Half Squad Singers.

00:01 Song: He's Got Really Hot Snake Eyes
04:00 Banter
16:10 The Rules
51:25 Half of The Forgotten War Scenarios
1:27:25 Total Running Time

(to the tune of "Bette Davis Eyes"
Lyrics by Rob Banozic)

His rolls are always low
I've never seen 'em high
His dice are never cold
He's got really hot snake-eyes
He'll turn the MGs on you
You won't pass a check twice
It's cold as East Front snow
He's got really hot snake-eyes

And they'll break you, they'll crit-hit you
They're the bones that will defeat you
They're atrocious, 'cause he always gets the
Rolls that make the stacks crush
God! why do I always roll so high, he's got really hot snake-eyes

You like your +3 stone
The place to stand and fight
But all you do is moan
He's got really hot snake-eyes
He'll take a '1' shot on you
And roll those wicked dice
Until you give up, too
He's got really hot snake-eyes

They'll DM you, when he plays you
Trash your plan with the dice he loans you
They're ferocious 'cause he always gets the
Rolls that make the stacks crush
All the boys think it's just fine, to get really hot snake-eyes

And they'll break you, they'll crit-hit you
They're the bones that will defeat you
They're atrocious, 'cause he always gets the
Rolls that make the stacks crush

All the boys think it's just fine, to get really hot snake-eyes

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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Episode 204: Cot, not Cat

What a great opening song! Check out the lyrics below and enjoy the brilliance of the Donovan Studios as they continue to produce marvelous ASL songs. Then lay out your boards and follow along as Rick Hollander and Dave Kleinschmidt present their After Action Report of Bounding Fire Productions scenario ITR 12 Sosabowski Slapdown that appeared in Into the Rubble 2. We delve into the Critical Hit product Hot Stove 1 in the What's in the Box segment to wrap things up until next time.

CONTEST: If you would like to win the copy of Hot Stove #1 by Critical Hit simply send us an email with the subject line "Hot Stove" by September 15th, and we will enter you into a drawing for the fine product.

Sosabowski Slapdown:Top two photos depict mid game.

Sosabowski Slapdown: end game.
DC Hero

-- Concept: Dennis Donovan
-- Lyrics: Dennis Donovan, Rich Spilky, Stephen Stewart
-- Vocals: Stephen Stewart
-- Mixing/Technical: Jim Bera

Playin’ ASL, in the P.T.O.
The Marines vs. Jappos, Code of Bushido
Read all the SSRs, and I started to scheme
Coming up with a plan, when I noticed something:

There is one DEMO, to blow stuff away
And with a gleam in my eyes, I knew I’d found the way:
There’s a Japanese private, in the Second World War
Wasn’t sure how to use one, but he knew for sure

That one DEMO, felt good in his hands
Didn’t take long, to understand
Just one DEMO, will beat the foe
But a one-way ticket, for DC heroes

So he did a banzai           
No way he’d get dropped   
With his H.E. man purse           
Those Yankee Devils will be stopped!

By a DC Hero,
For Nippon he will die!
He’s a DC Hero
He’s got one  DEMO,

DC Hero Yankees will die!
DC Hero   
Yankees will die!
He won’t sur-vive this fight.

On a road without a name, out on Corregidor
There’s a Sherman Tank Dozer, stopped in hex G4
Yeah, this day is his last, filled with lots of pain
That one  DEMO, gonna win the game

So he started chargin’
8 MF enough?
But if he gets wounded 
Gettin to the target will be tough!

For a DC Hero
   for Nippon he will die!
He’s a DC Hero
   for Nippon he’ll die!
   Nippon he’ll die!
That one DEMO,   
   Nippon he’ll die!
He’s gonna win
   Gonna win tonight

0:1 Song DC HERO
4:00  Interesting Chat
18:00  After Action Report
45:00 What's in the Box?
57:10 Total Running Time

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Sunday, July 29, 2018

Episode 203: Episode Unavailable

This summer has been extremely hot
Dave's Russians push against Mark's Germans
 and so is this episode. Why? Because we get back to the grind and continue our coverage of the Advanced Squad Leader rules, 7.0, Fire Attacks. When is that fire doubled? Halved? Tripled (oh yeah)? Do you even know?  Of course you do.But you may not know the more advanced concept from this rules section. Match your wits and ASL knowledge against Jeff as he is quizzed while we discuss the rules on Fire Attacks.  If you think the rules are boring, then take a listen to our interview with Bob Bendis from the ASL Open.  We borrowed the title for this episode from Fear the Boot Podcast.

1:00 Some Chat
9:00 What Have You Been Playin' Lately?
23:40 Rule 7.0 and stuff
39:00 Interview with Bob Bendis
1:00:45 Total Running Time

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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Episode 202: Jeff, The Killing Machine

Heroes 2: One of the re-issued Hero Pax from Critical Hit
Jeff, otherwise known as the Black Belt of Death, reveals his humble beginnings in the wonderful art of Karate. He also tells us what chicks used to "dig" back in the day.  We get some nice letters from listeners, very nice letters.  Everyone's a hero in the re-issue of the Hero Pax from Critical Hit.  They have been updated and have art added, as well as a few new scenarios.To finish off the program we have an interview with the very famous Brian Martuzas from the ASL Open.  He has worked on Armies of Oblivion and Pointe du Hoc, and loves the new counters coming from Broken Ground Designs. We also interview Magnus who came all the way from Sweden,
and tells us of the European ASL world.

Brian Martuzas

1:00 Some Dangling Conversations
10:00 Letters
20:24 What's in the Box?
40:00 Interview with Brian Martuzas
48:00 Interview with Magnus Rimvall
1:04:50 Total Running Time

Is it Jeff or Donald Sutherland?

Frank or Leon?
Zappa or Redbone?

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