Sunday, November 10, 2019

Episode 233: Counterstruck!

Hello Fans, Friends, and Family,

Sorry for the slight delay in publishing, we won't name names but....Dave forgot to keep our scheduled time.  A time that was already delayed due to scheduling issues.  But, anyway.

We hope you enjoy the wonderful opening song by Dennis and Stephen Stewart.  
The contest for the French Broken Ground Design Counters ends December 15th. Simply send us a gmail with French Counters in the subject line and you will be entered into our drawing.

For Box Art Review we run a special compare and contrast of bonus pack #7 and #10 viewed side by side. Dave adds an in depth look at the scenarios of Hatten in Flames.

The beautiful shot glasses with Clink and Drink printed on them along with our logo are available now in limited quantities (only 14 to be exact). Send us a gmail asking if there are any available and we will let you know what you need to do to get one....if you are one of the lucky 14 that is


0:01 Counterstruck Song
5:10 Banter With Special Offers So Listen Closely
19:13  Box Art Review and Shot Glass Fundraiser Details and Unicum Taste Testing.
27:00 Actual Box Art Review
35:00 What's in the Box?
45:00 Hatten Scenarios in Depth
1:09:30 Total Running Time

Rally Phase Records ™ presents!


To AC-DC’s “ Thunderstruck”

Concept & Lyrics: Dennis Donovan

Vocals & Mixing:  Stephan Stewart

So I thought

In the middle of an ASL match (Counter!)
I looked ‘round
And I knew there was something I lacked (Counter!)
My mind raced,
And I thought what could I do? (Counter!)
And I knew
A named counter, I needed one too (Counter!)
One with MY name 
I figured out
Getting ones tough
That tore me apart
I’ve been

Well maybe someday?
Nah, forget it, but then this went down:
Went to the Texas, Team Tourney and I saw me some
They had counters 
Counter sheets with attendee’s names
They are so cool
They’re all 9-2s
Yeah, yeah they, they blew my mind
And I was shaking at the knees
I just could not believe
What an amazing find
I’ve been

I was shaking at the knees
There was a counter of me!

Counter struck, Counterstruck, Counter struck, Counterstruck
It’s alright, I just got mine
It’s alright, I’m lookin’ fine, fine, fine……

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Episode 232: How Many Half-Squads Does it Take to Make a Podcast?

Lately Dave has played SV7 Probing Korsus from the Swedish Volunteers Pack.  We cover Stream-Woods hexes, Light Woods, Prepared Fire Zones and Towers in our Terrain Time segment. That is a ton of terrain and it moves us nearer to the end of the terrain rules section in the Advanced Squad Leader Rule Book. At the end of the episode we tack on some recorded ASL talk from a meeting of the PAASL club, you may enjoy some guys just talking about ASL.

1:00 Chit Chat
11:30 What Have You Been Playin' Lately?
19:30 Allied Minor Counters from Broken Ground Design
23:00 Terrain Time
47:45 PAASL Chat - Just Talking ASL
56:00 Total Running Time

Nashville Parthenon
Scenario SV4 Robing Korsus in the Scenario Archive

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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Episode 231: A Very Narrow Corridor of Normal

Not sure that opening the show with banter about aging bodies is, by any stretch of the imagination, a good idea, but of course we do it anyway.  Then we discuss getting stuck in the mud in your Kayak.  Kayakers beware. During the letters segment we take a look at the new Pacific Theater offerings from Broken Ground Design. Exciting stuff. We introduce you to a few other authors of WWII related books and you can check out their links below. Finally, grab your conductor hat and get on board as we depart the station to cover Railroads and Steeples during Terrain Time.

1:00 Banter
17:30 Letters
41:00 Terrain Time
1:13:52 Total Running Time

Griff Hosker - Author
Broken Ground Counters Explained
Adam Lunney- Historian, Author, Loyal Listener
Ritterkrieg #83 Announcement
Bounding First Fire Tournament 2019

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Thursday, September 12, 2019

Episode 230: Dave, The Fonz, and Me

At the start of this episode there are a few issues with Dave's volume. Darn. But it is corrected relatively quickly. Yay.
Together we discuss our visit to Comic Con and our wonderful time with Henry Winkler. Then Dave tells what it is like to become an almost empty nester, then he gives us an update from the Palatine Area Advanced Squad Leaders (PAASL) game club. During that report, you will hear from Will Marrerro, Dan Janezik, Mike Stubits, Ron Schatz, and Bill Forg. They discuss Scenario RPT 55: Coudehard Cache, Scenario HG-2 Konista Crackdown and Scenario 43: Into the Fray.

Letters are as fascinating as usual.

1:00 Banter
13:00 Letters
31:00 PAASL After Action Report
58:45 Total Running Time

Bunkers in Greece
Wild West Fest

 The 2 Half-Squads is brought to you by RitterkriegBounding Fire ProductionsBroken Ground Design   and kind donations from listeners like you!

The Greeks attacking the hill on left and woods on right.
Near the end. Success in taking the hill and most of the village.

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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Episode 229: Andrew Rogers Man of Hatten

We are honored to have the privilege of interviewing the designer of Multi-Man Publishing's Advanced Squad Leader Historical Module Number 9, Hatten in Flames, Andy Rogers. He is an interesting person to talk with. The game is a wonderful module with 8 scenarios and 2 campaign games based on the World War II battle. Check out the amazing website linked below to learn more about the battle and have a listen to this episode to learn more about the game.

1;00 Intro
3:00 Interview
1:02:35 Total Running Time

Andrew Rogers Hatten Website Download this episode (right-click and Save)