Thursday, December 13, 2018

Episode 212: Rule #1: Always Play the Germans

Holiday greetings listeners. We hope this yuletide season finds you all cheery and staying warm by the fire. What better time than this to have a cup of hot coco and have a listen to the one and only podcast dedicated nearly 100%  to the greatest game in the world....Advanced Squad Leader.  In this episode Dave compiles a set of recordings he had hanging around on his computer, including a look at a scenario or two with local ASLer's Mark Woods, Doug Gries, Bob Holmstrom, Dave Timonen, and the guys from St. Louis, Jeff Ital and Jim Burris.  Megan joins us to read some letters in Jeff's absence. We finish up with a look at Broken Ground Designs Berserk counters and a reading of the footnotes to Tarawa. Listen while you drive and enjoy.
Jim Burris (above) Jeff Ital (below)

1:00 Letters
8:40 Scenario 166 Skiing in Lapland Analysis
18:30 Scenario O15 Highland Frank
22:00 Scenario Across the Issel
28:15 Scenario J141 Riding With the King
33:30 St. Louis Club Update
39:50 Review of Broken Grounds Berserk Counters
45:45 Tarawa Footnotes
   57:58 Total Running Time

ASL St. Louis
Broken ground Design's Berserkers

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Episode 211: Yanks and Sugar Tanks

Recorded on a wintry night, we managed to finish #211 just before the power went out (forcing the postponement of the recording of #212), this episode features a whole bunch of letters, the announcement of the winner of the game YANKS, and an in depth look at the rest of the scenarios from Korea

1:00 Chit Chat
15:00 Letters
33:00 YANKS Winner Announced
37:30 Korea:Forgotten War Scenarios Part II
1:08:12 Total Running Time

ASL Germany - Grenadier Website

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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Episode 210: Cranking out the Crackers

If you are quite certain that you want to miss the bantery discussion of some interesting films that Dave and Jeff have seen lately,  as well as info on how crackers are made you can skip right to minute nineteen and get a close look at the Kampfgruppe Scherer Player's Guide. This guide can provide a big assist to you when you play the game.
We are proud to present the last of our ASL Open interviews, with Bret Hildebrand and Mike Stubits,  and this is one you won't want to miss.
Why would you want to miss any of them?

0:01 Song SMC's a Goner (lyrics below)
3:03 Banter
19:20 Kampfgruppe Scherer Player's Guide
36:00 Interview
1:04:40 Total Running Time

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
Le Franc Tireur Kampfgruppe Scherer Guide
Order it here at Ritterkrieg
Far Away Coast by the Drop Kick Murphy's


 SMC's a Goner 

Sung to the tune of Girlfriend In a Coma by The Smiths

Lyrics: D. Wallick, D. Donovan
Vocals: Stephen Stewart
Mixer: Jim, the Mix-Master Bera

Leader blew morale check, oh no! I know it's serious
He was already broken, ya know, I know it's serious

And do I want him to roll a wound check? No! Cuz you know,
I would hate anything to happen to him
No I don't want to lose him

Do you really think he'll survive?
Do you think he'll roll less than 5?

SMC's a goner, ya know, I know it's serious
Bye bye, bye my buddy, Goodbye

There were times when I could have rallied him
'Cuz you know, it's not like he's a 10-2 and he just got a field promotion

Now he's taking the check, time to fret, And he rolled a 5 and he died.
Let me whisper a few bad words, I know it's serious

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Monday, October 29, 2018

Episode 209: Garret and the Return of Box Art Review

Hear the dulcet tones of Dave's nose flute, as well as Jeff's new flute provided to The 2 Half-Squads courtesy of Bill Forg and his amazing 3-D printer.
Many of you have been waiting a long time for the return of Box Art Review. The fine art chosen this episode is from Winter Offensive Pack #9.  Pull up an image from your google search and have a gander.  Beware, it is quite frightening......and just in time for Halloween!
Dave covers a playing of scenario WO11 Across The Issel and scenario ASL172  The Last Attack. We also have a wonderful interview with Chris Garret from the ASL Open.
 The contest for the free copy of YANKS ends November 15th. We already have tons of entries. Good luck to all you Yankee Devils.

Chris Garret at the ASL Open 2018

1:00 Too Much Boring Banter
10:00 What Have You Been Playin' Lately?
25:00 Box Art Review
41:00 Interview With Chris Garret
58:40 Total Running Time

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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Episode 208: Hand Me a Sniper

Disco, rap, space travel and cultural preferences are just a few of the topics discussed before we dive into our coverage of the greatest game in the world - Advanced Squad Leader. 
Join Fred Canzolino and Mark DeVries as they discuss their favorite aspects of ASL.

Later we announce the winner of our contest for Hot Stove 3, you'll have to listen to find out if you are the lucky winner.

There is also a new contest announced. Yes, you can win a full copy of YANKS -- brand new-in-the-box YANKS, generously donated by Mr. Mark Woods. You'll have to listen to this episode for details on how to enter the drawing. Entries must be received by November 15, 2018. Thank you Mark!

Broken Ground Designs' new partisan counters are reviewed in What's in the Box.  We are big fans of these counters.

:30 Banter
15:00 Winner Announced
24:30 What's in the Box?
31:40 Letters
45:30 Interviews
59:35 Total Running Time

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