Saturday, September 17, 2022

Episode 304: Green Squirrels of Inor vs. Black Riders of the Night of Death

304 packs a punch. The saga of the invasive animal species continues as Dave recounts the adventure of the attacking squirrel, and Jeff relates his big fish stories. Dave's been playing Scenario WO42 Spartan Style with Dave Timonen and in the box is Green Hell of Inor!  We round this episode off with an entertaining round of Quiz Show with Team Spilky against Team Black Riders of the Night of Death.  What a blast!


1:00 Banter
10:00 What You Been Playing Lately? 
13:15 What's in the Box? 
29:00 Quiz Show 
1:03:20  Total Running Time 


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Thursday, September 1, 2022

Episode 303: A Hazardous Movement Begins

Chad Cummins and Chuck Hammond (or do you say Chuck Hammond and Chad Cummins?)lend some serious heft to this show.  They share the delightful story of how Hazardous Movement began, from it's humble beginnings to the massive global domination that they now enjoy. The scenarios in their packs promise to bring the fun back to your ASL game, and they promise to be well play-tested and therefore, well balanced.  Many of the Advanced Squad Leader tournaments include these gems in their playlists. Order a pack, play a few of them, and you will understand why they are so well respected. 

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0:21 Straight into the Interview
1:03:49  Total Running Time 


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Thursday, August 11, 2022

Episode 302: Take No Prisoners?

Prisoner counters make great zombie counters.
Joined once again by Rich Spilky we are able to provide some real quality content. Rich guides us through three of his famous charts.  The first is the IFT and CC Effects on Guarding Units and Firepower, the second is chart 26a Effects of No Quarter, and the third is a complex looking but actually very elegant and simple chart, entitled 26b Effects of No Quarter. After all that ASL goodness Rich points out the best parts of Jim Bishop's article Prisoners: Take 'em or Leave 'em. There are also some tactical tips and tricks revealed herein.  Enjoy!

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0:01 Talk, Chat
15:00 Spilky Charts
35:00 Bishop's Prisoner Article
57:54 Total Running Time

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Thursday, August 4, 2022

Episode 301: Things That Come in Threes

Three is a nice number. There are three products featured in the photo.  Three deluxe boards in WO #13. Three sides to the triangle on the three player pack. In spite of that, we have two boxes to open on this show.  So many ASL treasures. So little time. The first is the the Three-Player Pack from the gents who produce the March Madness stuff. Dave presents a close look at those scenarios and, all of 'em are designed for three players, not two, but three players. Yes, count 'em, three!  If you like the Deluxe Advanced Squad Leader products or the Korean War module, you will absolutely love the Winter Offensive Pack #13 because it features three new boards for Deluxe ASL games, and it includes two Korean War scenarios, and two more for WWII in the Pacific featuring the U.S. Marines.  Semper Fi!  

There is another contest in here. You might like the product that is to be given away. Listen for it. 

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0:01 Talk, Chat
12:00 Contest Winners Announced
21:00 New Contest Announced
24:00 Three-Player Pack
44:00 Winter Offensive Pack #13
57:54 Total Running Time

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Friday, July 15, 2022

Episode 300: What? Already?

Rich, Mike and Jared return to the Remote Broadcast Foxhole and join us in a serious Roundtable conversation about our love of the game. We can tell you why Advanced Squad Leader is the greatest game in the world. We also tackle that age old question that we find on so many forums, "Does ASL teach history?".  Then we compare and contrast wargames with fantasy games.  But, before that, we hear a questionable rendition of the song Olive Groves written by the one and only, Dennis Donovan, and let our listeners speak as they congratulate us on the big 300. 

What's in a number? 

We would like to thank our mysterious benefactors for the wonderful gifts that we have received in the mail. Wow. You really do like us!  And, in order to pay back the community we'd like to offer...wait for it, it's a really big prize...are you ready?  It's a brand new copy of... SWORD AND FIRE: MANILA.  To hear how to enter the drawing have a listen.  

The love and care that you, our listeners, have shown to us over the years has been greatly appreciated. It has been a wonderful ride.  Let's ride some more!

We are now posting our episodes (with more visuals) on Our YouTube Channel.

0:01 Song Olive Groves
3:00 Listener Voicemails
9:30 Roundtable Discussion
1:?? Contest Announced
1:26:38 Total Running Time

Olive Groves

Concept & Lyrics: Dennis Donovan  

Performed by: The Worst of The 2 Half-Squad Singers

The scenario starts in a sleepy little town
Down around Anzio
And the guys are preppin’ for another game
Reading the SSRs

The orchards in this one are strange
Always in season it seems
Well, we’re talking’ ‘bout Olive Groves
Oh, Olive Groves

Well, the MF and the MP
They both are doubled
Groves have a hindrance of one
‘though it’s not quite apparent,
They are inherent
And the T.E.M.’s one

Some say that this rule’s inane
But it’s part of the ASL game
Oh, we’re talkin’ ‘bout Olive Groves
Oh, Olive Groves

‘though they grow in the Mediterranean
You find them in North Afrika too
Rule A9 3 2
Says AFVs in Groves
Can claim wall advantage, that’s right

And though it’s part of the ASL game
The groves don’t see much play
So just keep re-checking rule F13

Readin’ ‘bout the Olive Groves
Oh, Olive Groves

The 2 Half-Squads is brought to you by and kind donations from listeners like you.

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