Friday, October 30, 2015

Episode 149: Halloweenzerfaust

Gather round if you dare while we croak up some horrifying, shocking, terrifying, and paralyzing banter. These stories will have you running for the cover of a splash-a-torium or frantically seeking succor in the flush-a-teria.

But if you can survive that fright-fest, there's some very good Advanced Squad Leader talk to be had as well. For example, after much anticipation and procrastination, we finally got around to playing something from the East Side Gamers Zombie Pak. "They're coming for you, Barbara," but fortunately Barbara was equipped with machine guns and mortars.

Then we get into a re-visit of ASL Journal 2, a jam-packed collection of articles, scenarios, tips and history. If you don't own this issue, you can remedy the situation by visiting the MMP web site; this baby has been reprinted and is just waiting for you to plunk down a few bucks so you can own a copy.

17:00 - What Have You Been Playing Lately
22:20 - ASL Journal 2

Zombie Pak by East Side Gamers
Journal 2 by MMP
The ASL Article Index

A reminder about our upcoming venture into another show. You man want to read and watch:
Book: The Last Citadel by David L Robbins
Movie: Cross of Iron

This episode brought to you by Killian's Red

Be warned when listening to this episode: No one can hear you scream.

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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Episode 148: The De Minimus Contingent

Just when you thought it was safe to get back into the water, here we are with another BOAT episode. Zach Emberton and Rich Spilky join us in the broadcast canoe to discuss, analyze and dissect two boat scenarios Gavins Gamble and The Dinant Bridgehead. They bring an after action report, tactical tips and Rich presents the latest in his esteemed chart series - the new boat charts. If you would like a refresher on boat rules you can revisit our Episode #121.

CONTEST! You have until October 31st to join our contest to win the new Ritter OBA Cards, Critical Hit #1 magazine, the new St. Louis CBI: The Lost Theater game pack or a T2HS Hat. These are likely to be the best prizes you may ever see offered on this poor man's podcast.

We dive right in to a What's in the Box segment with a look at the wonderful OBA Cards by Derek Ritter. It's an amazing set of cards. Kind of puts those T2HS OBA cards to shame. Well, you can always place our deck on the table to help you feel like we are right there gaming with you.

1:00      Bantero
7:00      Hat Sale and Contest Announcements
10:30    What's in the Box?
18:00    Letters
34:00    Boat Scenarios and Tactics, Gavin's Gamble
1:15:15 Total Running Time

Photos for The Dinant Bridgehead
Photos for Gavin's Gamble
Derek Ritter's OBA Cards - Get Them Here
Or Get Them Here

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