Saturday, October 17, 2015

Episode 148: The De Minimus Contingent

Just when you thought it was safe to get back into the water, here we are with another BOAT episode. Zach Emberton and Rich Spilky join us in the broadcast canoe to discuss, analyze and dissect two boat scenarios Gavins Gamble and The Dinant Bridgehead. They bring an after action report, tactical tips and Rich presents the latest in his esteemed chart series - the new boat charts. If you would like a refresher on boat rules you can revisit our Episode #121.

CONTEST! You have until October 31st to join our contest to win the new Ritter OBA Cards, Critical Hit #1 magazine, the new St. Louis CBI: The Lost Theater game pack or a T2HS Hat. These are likely to be the best prizes you may ever see offered on this poor man's podcast.

We dive right in to a What's in the Box segment with a look at the wonderful OBA Cards by Derek Ritter. It's an amazing set of cards. Kind of puts those T2HS OBA cards to shame. Well, you can always place our deck on the table to help you feel like we are right there gaming with you.

1:00      Bantero
7:00      Hat Sale and Contest Announcements
10:30    What's in the Box?
18:00    Letters
34:00    Boat Scenarios and Tactics, Gavin's Gamble
1:15:15 Total Running Time

Photos for The Dinant Bridgehead
Photos for Gavin's Gamble
Derek Ritter's OBA Cards - Get Them Here
Or Get Them Here

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  1. Hello, Wanted to post up my first message to you on this very intriguing game that I have come across. Now mind you, I play Axis & Allies , not much of a war gamer. But, this passing fancy of watching a game and looking on the internet I come to find you. My first impressions were , Do I have time to learn this?? But, I must say that since my good fortune of stumbling across this fine program of yours. You have shared a bit of the fun that I can find in this game well hidden in between the rules. So My thanks to you and from this Group in the southwest. I have been packing to relocate to Albuquerque NM and hope to find some of these Players out there. I have just picked up Starter kit #1 and have it laid out in my study now. Well, thanks again for another way to eat my money and free time. It's all good! Your truly , Chuck Synold

  2. The Assault Boats in Yanks do have ID-letters: K-Z. Though there are only 16 of them.
    Commander of the German 6th Army at Stalingrad was Friedrich Paulus - not von Paulus.

  3. It is von Paulus on the counter. Some quick research shows him named Friedrich Paulus and Friedrich von Paulus. My guess would be he dropped the "von" due to nazi pressure for officers to drop the aristocratic "von" prefix.

  4. My guess is that he never had "von" in his name.

    I did find out that the Assault Boats from VotG do indeed lack any ID-letters, so it must have been those that were used.

  5. Greetings again from Alaska. Thanks for reading my letter on the show (typo and all). Are the Spilky Tables (ASLRulesTablesRSS20150720.pdf) linked on the Quick Access page the latest version mentioned on this show? Perhaps there could be a date of revision. The ones linked on the Texas ASL site are from 2011. Thanks.

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  6. Looks like Texas ASL Spilky tables are now 2015 - thanks!