Monday, December 28, 2009

Episode 29: Office Party

In this last episode of 2009 we decide to have a little T2HS year-end office party. Join us for some casual ASL talk with an old friend, a new friend, and a special guest. Here's an outline of our topics:
  • Listener Mail
  • Box Art Review
  • What's In the Box
  • ASL New Year Resolutions
  • Quiz Show: Guns Part 2
  • Movie Review: The Longest Day rebuttal & World War II in HD.
This is our longest episode to date, running about 1 hour and 48 minutes and we're trying out a more compact audio format to reduce the file size. Please let us know if you have any comments about the audio quality.

Dig it!

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Our New Podcast Home

Well, we're settling in nicely to our new web home. We still have a few "Extra" episodes to post and hope to get those up by this weekend.

There are some further technical issues we have to consider regarding this site and the related hosting services for the audio. Our goal is to be able to adjust these details with little -- or NO -- noticeable impact to our listeners.

Whatever goes on behind the scenes here, you can be sure

  • we will always be "The 2 Half-Squads"
  • our web address will always be
  • our email address will always be
  • we will continue to try to provide fun, interesting and informative content about the greatest game in the world, "Advanced Squad Leader".

Thanks for listening.

Roll low, and Rally well!

Dave and Jeff
The 2 Half-Squads

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Episode 28: Get Thee to a Gunnery

Admit it — you LIKE playing with GUNS. The more, the better. You don’t want just one or two to choose from. You want LOTS of guns. Well, we guarantee you there is no better selection among ANY game on the planet than those available in ASL. Even the best video games pale in comparison to the bevy of beautiful, blazing artillery pieces provided in even the most basic of ASL modules. With that in mind, we present this first in a planned four-part series. Hardly comprehensive coverage, this is just a primer to the wonderful world of ASL guns. So gather your gumption and “Get thee to a Gunnery!”.

And you won’t want to miss the News Report. We have lots of goodies to talk about. We also have a double-feature of “What’s In The Box?” and Jeff reviews “The Longest Day”.

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