Monday, April 27, 2009

Episode 18: Tanks 2 U.

Welcome to Tanks University. Here’s our university level course on tanks. We’re happy to welcome visiting Professor of Tankology (PhT) Bob Holmstrom for a lesson on Vehicle Overrun. Strap on your thinking helmets and be prepared to take copious notes as Dr. Bob leads us through this oft-avoided — but oh, so fascinating — territory. We also discuss Platoon Movement of tanks, discuss the ASL Open, and lots more.

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C4 Corner Cutter by Counter Culture
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The Texas ASL club celebrates publication of their 50th issue of Banzai!

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Newbie-Do Part 1

Newbie-Do is a mini-series designed specifically for the new ASL player. In this first installment, Jeff and Joe play through two turns of Starter Kit 1’s first scenario, “Retaking Verville”. We cover victory conditions and setup, and then walk step-by-step through each phase — explaining in each event in detail as we progress. If you never played ASL before or are confused by the phases and such, grab out your Starter Kit and follow along.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Episode 17: Monkey Business

It’s business as usual in the broadcast foxhole, which means our carefully laid plans to talk in-depth about Phases in ASL quickly fall apart amidst a lot of other monkey business. Still, we do finally get down to a good discussion of the pre-game sequence. We’ll be covering the rest of the phases (hopefully) next time. We hope you enjoy this one. Thanks for listening!
Show Guide:
  • Listener feedback — We get a LOT of email. Sorry if you don’t get to yours on this show. We’re doing our best. Please keep writing!
  • What’s in the Box — Another splendid offering from Schwerpunkt
  • Scenario Report — What we’ve played recently
  • Box Art — Egad! What can one say about it?
  • ASOP: Pre-game Sequence — an in-depth look at what needs to happen before the first dice roll.
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