Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Episode 286: The ASLer Deluxe

Scenario MD1 The Bridge at Ramelle and  Scenario BFP-35 Mai Phu are discussed during our What Have You Been Playing Lately segment.  The Ramelle scenario by Mike Drake was based on the film Saving Private Ryan. It is compared to another version in the Scenario Designer's Handbook by Michael Dorosch. Jeff discusses his Space Empires game. 

In the Box is MMP's Deluxe Redux and a brief look at the previous deluxe products. What a blast from the past. And we top all this ASL goodness off with a light dose of letters

0:01 Song The ASLer
2:01 Chit Chat and Sad News.
10:50 What We Have Been Playing Lately
24:45 What's in the Box?
39:45 Letters
57:20  Total Running Time


The ASLer (sung to the tune of The Moonshiner)
Lyrics by Christopher Dawson    2011

I've been an ASLer since all the way back.
I've spent all me money on modules and packs. 
I'll go to the game den and set up the boards.
And will play then until our dear wives do complain.

I'll win some, I'll lose some, I've spent my cash wad. 
And if you don't like me flame me on Game Squad. 
I'll play when I'm hungry but I'll drink when I play. 
If the snake eyes don't kill me, I'll play 'til I'm grey. 

I'll go to some club meet in this here country.
Ten Plano's of counters, I'll go on a spree. 
No women to follow, no children to whine. 
Here's hoping my dear squads don't walk on a mine. 

Oh ASL, Oh ASL, Oh how I love thee. 
Even though you killed my 10-3.
Bless all ASLer's, help us avoid booby traps.
New counters smell sweet as the ink on the maps. 

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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Episode 285: Sure and Steady Steven Swann

Steven C. Swann
There are a few ASLer's who consistently produce magnificent things for the Advanced Squad Leader community. One of the most prolific is the indomitable Steven C. Swann, who has written all of the "Reference Notes for ASL" articles about the Marines, Fiji troops, Japanese Airborne, commando units etc., that you may have read in the General, and the Annual, and the Journal.  If you haven't read them, well then, perhaps you should check them out.  Steve has also designed 500 scenarios, the majority of which have been published by revered ASL producers as Critical Hit, Heat of Battle, Avalon Hill, Le Franc Tireur, and of course, the superior, Bounding Fire Productions; and that is just to name a few.  

After all of his years in the hobby he has taught us that sure and steady wins the race! 

0:01 No Chit Chat today. We get right to the good stuff.
0:02 Interview 
1:10:40  Total Running Time


The 2 Half-Squads is brought to you by our Patreons and Bounding Fire Productions. 

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