Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Episode 339: Hakkaa Hokey Paalle Eclipsed

 We sure enjoyed Dennis Donovan's rendition of his humorous song that opened the show. We are dancing to the Hakkaa Paalle Hokey Pokey, as we speak. The lyrics are below.  Mike Ryzy joins us in the Broadcast Foxhole while we read some letters, announce a new contest and discuss the various qualities of two nationalities in the Advanced Squad Leader system; The Italians and the Finnish. Dave and Mike have started a game from the Grumble Jones Pack Scenario MM75: Woodland Pursuit and Mike and Jeff have played some starter kit.

0:01 Song 
2:17 Chit Chat
9:15 Festung Budapest Pictures (Dave's Europe Trip)
16:00 Remembering Dean Essig
20:00 Letters
29:55 What Have You Been Playing Lately
34:00 Contest Winner and new Contest Announced
38:00 Rules 
58:10 Total Running Time


Rally Phase Records Presents!
Hakkaa Päälle  (To the air of "The Hokey Pokey")
Concept and Lyrics: Dennis Donovan 

You heard the gossipin’
You checked the rumors out
You started wonderin’
What the heck it’s all about
This thing called Hakkaa Päälle
How on earth is that pronounced?
Finns are, what it’s all about

Beyond Valor had some Finns
When BV first came out
In “Fighting Withdrawal”
Hex G37
They chased the Ruskis out
Are they over-powered?
We will never quite find out
'Till Hakkaa Päälle’s out

Hakkaa Päälle’s job’s
To flesh the Finnish out
And, the 3 Winter Wars
And what Sissis are all about
HASL Hakkaa Päälle
Is the fourteenth module
A.S.L.’s what it’s all about - Hey!
Hex G38

Said, “Finns or I-tal-ee-ans?”
When I pulled the counters out
It’s a gray area
So I checked the forums out
It seems in Hakkaa Päälle
A new color can’t be found
Do you toss the old blue Finns out?
Cogwheel Rail Station

When AFVs Russian (rush in)
Throw kloriharstis out
Pulkas are for sleddin’
Not dancin’ - I found out
These toys in Hakkaa Päälle like
Fan sleds to get around
Are what it is all about

You turned your playtests in
You filled the forms all out
That was decades ago
Getting printed is in doubt
You want the Hakkaa Päälle
MMP, please put it out
And end the HASL drought

You put your order in
You take your wallet out
You put your card number in
And ya print the receipt out
You’ve pre-ordered Hakkaa Päälle
And in a day or there about
“Levels reached!” MMP did tout
At Winter Offensive
Some great news did get out
Chas did some Facebookin’
And got the updates out
He did some Hocus-Pocus
And he got the module out
It’s Finnished, and finally out!

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Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Episode 338: We Ran

Break out your Box art of Twilight of the Reich and Festung Budapest and put on your art appreciation eyeglasses for the return of Box Art Review. In the Box is the Grumble Jones Pack Vol 1 from the Kansas City March Madness folks. Scenario FB2: The Devils Free to Have a Try is analyzed in this show. 

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0:01 I Ran Parody Song
4:00 Banter 
19:00 Box Art Review 
23:15 Contest Winner and New Contest Announced
38:00 What's in the Box?
49:09 What Have You Been Playing Lately?
1:00:47  Total Running Time 

Bitterest Day

Lyrics: Dennis Donovan
Vocals: The 2 Half Squad Singers

Assaulting down the avenue
I never thought I’d see a stack like you 
Thirty-six down two
With 8-3-8s and HMGs
That kind of at-tack broke me right into
A 6 + 1 it’s, true.

And I ran, I routed far away
I just ran, I ran towards hex row A
Low crawl?  No way!

A DM appears above my head
A badge of shame for the next turn or two
The troops hate me it’s true
The coward’s running faster still           
Until some woods or buildings come in view                             
‘Til cover comes in view

And I ran, I ran far from the fray;
I just ran, ‘cuz no quarter’s in play
In cover I will stay

Reached out a hand to roll the dice
I can’t believe I need to roll a two
To rally?  Need a two!
Got shot at and rout-ed again
I’m running like that Forrest Gump it’s true                   
Soon I’ll be off board two                                

And I ran, don’t want to pass away
I just ran, stay and fight? No way?
We will lose any way

And I ran, to live another day
I just ran, what can a coward say?

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Friday, February 23, 2024

Episode 337: Twilight Partisan Twits

Join us twits as we look in the box to find Avalon Hill's Partisans!, and Twilight of the Reich from MMP. Letters and a new parody song from Donovan and Rider!

0:01 Song Partisans, Partisans!
3:00 Chit Chat About Stuff
14:50 Letters
28:00 LFT #16 Board Controversy
33:40 What's in the Box?
55:18 Total Running Time

ASL EU ROMA '24 Tournament 

Partisans, Partisan a parody song to Naked Eyes’ “Promises, Promises”

Concept: Russ Rider Lyrics: D. Donovan, R. Rider 8/2021

When it first came out
In the late ‘80s
Never had a doubt
That it’d be cool
I remember buying
Module 4, dude.
To complete my ASL kit
At first I didn’t care for it
Then played the Partisans!, Partisans!
Knowing they’re stealthy
Partisans!, Partisans!
E.L.R. of 5 is neat

They don’t surrender
During the route phase
And don’t disrupt
No multi-hex fire groups
Elite they are never
Nor inexperienced

Broken morale is a six
Irregulars are in the mix
I played the Partisans! Partisans!
You know I’ll always keep [the]
Partisans!, Partisans!
On the to-play’ list

They’re in the BV counter set
Are Partisans all Russian? Nyet
There’s lots of other instances
Of other National Resistances [by]
You can play the Partisans, Partisans!

I thought I’d never play
Irregular troops
Partisans!, Partisans!
Thought I’d never keep
Module 4, Partisans!
But now I believe!

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Thursday, February 8, 2024

Episode 336: Sebi & Ulric: Advancing Fire Maestros

Buon giorno! More Advanced Squad Leader Maestros appear right here. We finally secure an interview with Sebastiano Caltabiano and Ulric Schwela of Advancing Fire fame. The in and outs of scenario design, historical research, game production, and much more are discussed! Prego.

0:30 Right into the Interview
57:50 Total Running Time

ASL EU ROMA '24 Tournament 

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Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Episode 335: Vassaling Gems

Welcome to part two of our time with Doug Rimmer looking at how you can create your own counters and maps in VASL! Make your own 9-1-9 Engineer! Just like last show, you might want to watch on YouTube, but if you are a good listener the podcast may work fine. After that we have an after action report on Scenario FB1: Uncles and Pups from Multi-Man Productions game Festung Budapest.
0:02 Banter and Contest Draw
8:40 After Action Report
17:45 Doug Rimmer and VASL Tips
48:09 Total Running Time


Monday, January 1, 2024

Episode 334: Here We Go a Vasling (Hello Vasl)

Happy Holidays All!  Jump into the Broadcast for a look with Doug Rimmer at the newest and coolest things that can be found in VASL! Watching on Youtube may be your best way of ingesting this content but if you are a good listener the podcast may work fine. We are wishing you all a Happy 2024!

0:02  Hello Rally
4:00 Doug Rimmer and VASL Tips
47:00 Total Running Time

VASL Templates
VASL Table Templates
Scenario Set-up Files

Lyrics to Hello Rally (lyrics by Donovan, performed by the 2THS Singers)

Hello?? RALLY!!! Would you schmoes, rally?!?!
Just get back up on the line where you belong!
You don’t look swell, golly. I can tell, by golly.
You’ve been bawlin’ and low crawlin’ for now, way too long.
DM’d you ain’t, staying The attack, you’re delaying.
Try to whistle a different tune every now then.
Won’t, take no crap fellas. Get back up on your feet, fellas.
Rally! Don’t you Rout away again!

I said, “Hello?!?!? Rally!!!” Don’t you dilly-dally!
It’d be nice to have you back where you belong.
You’ve been through hell, golly. That charge was indeed folly.
You’ve been chokin’ and you’re broken, you won’t be for long.
I feel my hair, grayin’, cause DM’d you’re stayin’
Try to get, good order status every now and then,
So, woe is me fellas, hope that you can roll a three, fellas
Rally! Don’t you rout away again!

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