Sunday, April 21, 2013

Episode 89: Turning to the Japanese

Greetings honorable Advanced Squad Leader fanatics and listeners of this honorable podcast.  Yasumi-masu. With the impending release of Rising Sun, we thought we'd take a moment to peek through the bamboo and take a gander at the rules for Japanese infantry.  But first, we present some interesting letters, and take a look at FT127 In the Mouth of Madness. Listen well to Sensei David and Sensei Jeffery.
Hajime-masu! (is that Japanese for "Clink and drink?")
Dave's model of Frankenstein
Dave needs to clip his counters

1:00 Random Banter
8:00 Letters
36:30 In the News
40:00 What We Been Playing There at the ASL Open 2013
52:30 The Japanese: Part One (Infantry)
1:28:25 Total Running Time

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