Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Episode 106: Steve Dethlefsen Speaks

It is time for Christmas and this year we have a rather special gift for you, an interview with Steve Dethlefsen of Heat of Battle fame. Dave remembers ordering a ton of cool presents from HOB way back in the day before you were born. Yes, it was during the ancient days of Advanced Squad Leader, when we had to wander far and wide seeking scenarios to play. From a faraway land called California, from the mind of the wise men dwelling there came these ASL treasures.

Join us for this important addition to our History of ASL interviews. It's better than frankincense and myrrh, yes? (Not better than gold, though.)

2:00  Chat with Dave and Jeff
11:06  Letters
27:10  Steve Dethlefsen
1:02:55 Total running time

HOB : God Save the King 
HOB: Cassino the Road to Rome
Mark Watson's ASL Annual Reprint Guide

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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Episode 105: The Phone Lines Are Open

Happy Thanksgiving to our USA listeners. Just in time to cap off your celebrations, here is another episode of The 2 Half-Squads. Of course, this show is the last thing for which you should be giving thanks. If all the turkey, stuffing, casseroles, gravy rolls and pie didn't make you feel sick, this episode certainly will!
In this episode we take a close look at the 1990 ASL Annual. Now there's a great piece of Advanced Squad Leader history. Twenty-three years has not made this publication any less pertinent or valuable.
We also do a favorite segment called, "Terrain Time" in which we discuss Runways, Walls, Hedges, and Wall Advantage.  We hope that the information included herein, will help your game.

As usual we accept no responsibility if this episode doesn't help you one bit, but otherwise claim all accolades.

If it ain't the best thing in the world to be thankful for, at least it's 2nd best. Or maybe 16th . . . would you believe 23rd?

1:00  Banter.....does it ever end?
10:00  Letters
25:15  Old Man Dan's Funeral
26:30 What.... More Letters?
41:52 What'cha Been Playing Lately?
46:50 What's in the Box?
1:07:15 Terrain Time: Walls and Hedges.
1:38:16 Total running time

FSB Prison (anyone know who created these? We want to give credit where it's due.)
Hong Kong Wargamer mentioned again.
ASL Annual '90 in the ASL Archive

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