Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Episode 152: Holiday Hooligans

We must have made it on the Nice list.
Look at the ultra-cool coasters created by Rich Fulcher.
Welcome to a happy holiday ho ho show. We start things off by clearing out the mailbox. With all that snow we had problems getting down the driveway and we sure let the mail pile up. Drum roll please as we use random selection to decide the winners of the latest contest -- yes the one with all the really big prizes. Dave and Jeff recount their various wins (Dave) and losses (Jeff) in the games they have played recently. Rich Spilky relates an incredible account of an incredible game in our newest segment, "Crazy ASL Stories".

Peace, friends.

2:30 Banter
16:00  Letters 
33:00 And the Winners Are . . .
39:00 What'cha Been Losing Lately?
58:00 Crazy ASL Stories

This episode features tiny clips from Mannheim Steamroller's Christmas, and the Narada Christmas Collection

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Sunday, December 6, 2015

ASL Extra #23: Priority Target

Welcome to yet another ASL Extra episode! We are pleased to present another Starter Kit scenario for you beginners to enjoy. The scenario we chose is S13 Priority Target, and the format is Play by Play which means that it is a live game that Dave attempts to narrate effectively. Eric Ortega's German Falschirmjagers assault the combined British, Australian, and Greek force fielded by Zach Emberton, as they defend three AA guns. You may need ASL Starter Kit #2 in order to play along as the action commences -- either that, or a vivid imagination. At the very least you could lay out board X in order to look at the hexes as we refer to them.

You can find the photos of this game here.
An example of a too-timid German attack at Merric's Musings Blog
Greg Syferd's replay on Gamesquad Forums 

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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Episode 151: What's Up With That?

We are ever so grateful to welcome back Zach and Rich to the Broadcast Foxhole to continue the second part of the boat scenario series. So once again you'll want to batten down the hatches, and get everything in ship-shape and Bristol fashion before you settle in to have a listen. After a little chit-chat we discuss Special Ops #6 Summer 2015 and discover what ASL stuff you might find in there. ASL Action Pack #11 is reviewed and the components discussed. There are four scenarios covered, but the bulk of the discussion goes to U36 Operation Switchback, U37 Scheldt Fortress South and U38 Clearing the Breskens Pocket. Grab a paddle so you don't end up a creek without one.

Photos of the game being described can be found here:
U36 Operation Switchback
U37 Scheldt Fortress
In case you missed part one. Episode 148: The De Minimus Contingent

1:00 What's Up With This Chat?
5:00 What's in the Box?
23:20 What, no GG Drift Counter?!?
26:00 What 'cha Been Playin' Lately?
1:23:15 What Was Dave's 1,000th Game?
1:24:21 Total Running Time

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Episode 150: T2HS Greatest Hits Part V


Sorry, we're not. This one includes episode 62 through 75. Look on the bright side, we've been told this series concludes once we get to episode 100.
Total Running Time - 2:37:25

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Friday, October 30, 2015

Episode 149: Halloweenzerfaust

Gather round if you dare while we croak up some horrifying, shocking, terrifying, and paralyzing banter. These stories will have you running for the cover of a splash-a-torium or frantically seeking succor in the flush-a-teria.

But if you can survive that fright-fest, there's some very good Advanced Squad Leader talk to be had as well. For example, after much anticipation and procrastination, we finally got around to playing something from the East Side Gamers Zombie Pak. "They're coming for you, Barbara," but fortunately Barbara was equipped with machine guns and mortars.

Then we get into a re-visit of ASL Journal 2, a jam-packed collection of articles, scenarios, tips and history. If you don't own this issue, you can remedy the situation by visiting the MMP web site; this baby has been reprinted and is just waiting for you to plunk down a few bucks so you can own a copy.

17:00 - What Have You Been Playing Lately
22:20 - ASL Journal 2

Zombie Pak by East Side Gamers
Journal 2 by MMP
The ASL Article Index

A reminder about our upcoming venture into another show. You man want to read and watch:
Book: The Last Citadel by David L Robbins
Movie: Cross of Iron

This episode brought to you by Killian's Red

Be warned when listening to this episode: No one can hear you scream.

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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Episode 148: The De Minimus Contingent

Just when you thought it was safe to get back into the water, here we are with another BOAT episode. Zach Emberton and Rich Spilky join us in the broadcast canoe to discuss, analyze and dissect two boat scenarios Gavins Gamble and The Dinant Bridgehead. They bring an after action report, tactical tips and Rich presents the latest in his esteemed chart series - the new boat charts. If you would like a refresher on boat rules you can revisit our Episode #121.

CONTEST! You have until October 31st to join our contest to win the new Ritter OBA Cards, Critical Hit #1 magazine, the new St. Louis CBI: The Lost Theater game pack or a T2HS Hat. These are likely to be the best prizes you may ever see offered on this poor man's podcast.

We dive right in to a What's in the Box segment with a look at the wonderful OBA Cards by Derek Ritter. It's an amazing set of cards. Kind of puts those T2HS OBA cards to shame. Well, you can always place our deck on the table to help you feel like we are right there gaming with you.

1:00      Bantero
7:00      Hat Sale and Contest Announcements
10:30    What's in the Box?
18:00    Letters
34:00    Boat Scenarios and Tactics, Gavin's Gamble
1:15:15 Total Running Time

Photos for The Dinant Bridgehead
Photos for Gavin's Gamble
Derek Ritter's OBA Cards - Get Them Here
Or Get Them Here

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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Episode 147: Ukulele Jeff

Don't hate Dave because he's beautiful. You can buy
one of these great hats. Then you'll be beautiful too!
OK, we admit it. This episode doesn't contain as much ASL goodness as you may have come to expect from us. We do spend more time than usual with banter about vacation adventures, business ventures, contest indentures and cinema quenchers. But it's all good and valuable and useful and worthy of your time. Plus, there's still plenty of ASL . . . somewhere in there, somewhere between the vertigo and the ukulele music.

Oh yeah, and did we mention we have HATS?
The hat doesn't come with instructions, but it doesn't matter.
You'll look great no matter how you wear it.
1:00      Vacation Banter
18:00    Jeff's Non ASL Cockamamie Ideas
19:45    Contest announced (we mean it this          time!) Ends Oct 31st 2015
23:25    Letters (and hat sale announcement)
29:30    Movie Review Emperor
57:50    Scenario Analysis Arctic Crossroads 
1:14:30  TOTAL

Arctic Crossroads Defensive Set-up
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Friday, September 4, 2015

Episode 146: Beat Me in St. Louis

Super cool shirt and super cool magazine (with map and
scenarios) from St. Louis ASL Club
In today's show we are pleased to speak to Jim Burris from The St Louis ASL Club. Jim had plenty to talk about as most of the interview took place during the 2015 St Louis ASL Tournament, an annual event run by Jim and his cadre. But beyond the excitement of the tournament in progress, Jim et al had also just launched their first major historical project, China-Burma-India: The Lost Theater (Part I: The Japanese Invade: December 1941 - May 1942) and Jim tells us all about it.

Then Dave and I crack open the aforementioned historical pack for a look-see. We were impressed. So will you be when you get yours.

An auspicious collection of great ASL minds . . .
and Jeff .
Never have so many known so much about so little.

That's Mr. Churchill (back row) doing a Zelig imitation
0:00       Banter
13:30     Jim Burris
1:02:00 What's in the Box? China-Burma-India Historical pack from The St Louis ASL Club
Total Time: 1:41:00

Jefferson Barracks WW II reenactment
Jefferson Barracks
National Churchill Museum
Jagersoft Games

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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Episode 145: Utterly Eric

Thanks to Dan Dolan for this nice image
we thought we'd share with you.
Last episode featured a visit from local ASLer, Eric Ortega, who had no problem filling the show with his enthusiasm for the greatest game in the world, Advanced Squad Leader. In fact, we couldn't fit his joie de guerre into a single session, so here he is again. Are you wearing your seat belt?

We start off with some Banter with a capitol "B", then move into listener mail. Jeff throws out another one of his ill-conceived and cockamamie ideas, and we chit and chat about AFV cards. Then somehow we have an interesting discussion about Journal 1 (particularly Wolkey's fantastic article on Jungle Movement) and end with an after action report from Mark Woods and Dave on Scenario VotG 8: Hammer and Nail

Forget the cowbell. We've got a cure for your fever . . . and it's more Eric!

Hammer and Nail Set-up

1:00 Banter for Sure About Motorcycles
8:55 Letters
32:45 Jeff's Cockamamie Ideas
37:30 AFV Cards
43:30 Journal 1 discussion
107:30 Hammer and Nail: After Action Analysis
1:26:28  TOTAL

VASLING with Stew

Want to join the live ASL chat room on Slack.com? Send us your email address and we'll send you an invitation. It's all ASL, all the time. (no longer a thing as of 2020, ed.)

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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Episode 144: When Jeff Doesn't Say Ummm.

Eric Ortega (front and center) and friends
from Southwest Outpost ASL Group
In today's episode we're happy to welcome Eric Ortega to the broadcast foxhole. Eric is commander-in-chief of Southwest Outpost, a new and burgeoning ASL group near Chicago. If you're not excited about Advanced Squad Leader, Eric's infectious exuberance will fix that!

This episode has a bit [a LOT, actually] of something for everyone. Barrels of banter, tons of tips, scads of scenario talk. The only thing lacking is Jeff saying, "ummm".

St. Louis scenario "Revenge is a Dish" Japanese Burmese set-up

1:00 Discussion of SW Gaming Group with Eric
12:15 What's in the Box -- Journal 1 (part 1)
1:15:00 Scenario Analysis -- STL10 Revenge is a Dish
Total Running Time 1:39:10
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Saturday, July 18, 2015

ASL Extra 22: A Bloody Harvest - Play by Play

Dave Timonen, as the Germans, attacks into Poland in 1939. Doug Gries, as the Poles, defends a small village surrounded by grain fields. Doug hasn't played a game in quite a while but, much like riding a bicycle, it all comes back to him very quickly. The fact that both OB's were infantry only surely helped.

This was recorded during a PAASL meeting and there is a bit of annoying background noise until about 40 minutes in. This episode has been recorded with every move covered in detail, so it is well worth the effort of listening. There is a nice discussion of tactics at the end. So break out your boards, focus in on the main voices, and enjoy.
Which side will prevail?
Listen to find out!

The Scenario Card
The Germans pass by the trenches.

Photos of the game at Flikr
ASL Index
A Replay on the "Hulldown" Blog
Scott J, Eddie Z, and B. Abela's AAR

Total Running Time: 1:55:15

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Episode 143: Kelln, the Canuck

Tonight we have the pleasure of speaking with George Kelln, the man behind Lone Canuck Publishing, makers of fine scenarios, campaign games and maps for Advanced Squad Leader. If you've ever wondered how a lone -- but not lowly -- Canuck can contribute so much to the greatest game in the world, have a listen. Then order some stuff!

Lone Canuck Publishing
Bloody Buron at Boardgame Geek
Moro River Campaign at Wikipedia

1:00 No Banter, We Promise!
2:30 Interview with George
1:08:47 Total Running Time

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Monday, July 6, 2015

Episode 142: What, No Sump Pump Rules?

There are signs, you know, that you've been playing too much ASL -- one of which is reaching for The Rule Book whenever a question of any kind comes up. Well, we can save you time by telling you now, there are no Sump Pump rules.

But, there are rules covering Ice, Water Obstacles, and Buildings. And we cover 'em here. We also get caught up on some listener mail and talk a bit about What We've Been Playing Lately.

You may not learn how to keep your basement dry, but hey, this show is about Advanced Squad Leader!

1:00 Blab
13:15 Letters
39:30 Playin' Lately
49:45 Terrain Time
1:24:30 Total Running Time
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Monday, June 15, 2015

Episode 141: The Great Unwashed

Ozerekya Breakout cover is a
fine example of chiaroscuro.
Nothing brings a lightness to the heart and a smile to the face quite like a session of the greatest game in the world, Advanced Squad Leader. Why it can even lift the mood of Jeff, perhaps the grumpiest podcast host in the world. If you don't want to listen to 10 minutes of whining about The Great Unwashed, skip forward to . . .

. . . the return of Box Art Review! wherein Dave exposes himself and his large knowledge of arty words. To further amaze, Dave then proceeds to whip out his Terrain Time notes for a review of Streams, Fords, and Crests. But if you already know these rules, you may want to skip forward to . . .

. . . our discussion of the World War II comedy classic film, Kelly's Heroes. Not surprisingly, we have markedly different opinions about this movie. Can you guess who loves it and who doesn't?

This work by Thomas Hart Benton is a
fine example of the use of
pretty colors.
The Amphicar
How to Pronounce Gyros
Kelly's Heroes Trailer

1:00 Some Interesting Conversation
10:10 Box Art Review (Oh Yeah!)
16:45 Terrain Time (Steams, Fords, Crests)
47:30 Movie Review Kelly's  Heroes
1:14:20 Total Running Time
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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Episode 140: Aesthetic Arrest

Ost Front Pack from
Lone Canuck Publishing
Let's see now, what we're we saying? Oh yes . . . Somehow we managed to keep our attention focused long enough to post another exciting episode of this podcast -- not an easy feat in these days of Tweets, sound clips, 6 second videos, and snappy chats, but we did it. And you know what helps? The fact that Advanced Squad Leader is the greatest game in the world!

You know what else helps? New ASL stuff. Yes, there's nothing that grabs the attention more than coming home after a long day amidst the world's distractions to a package from some exotic, far-off land. We love the anticipation as the family gathers around, eager to see the wonders contained therein. We also love it when they learn it's more ASL stuff and they suddenly remember something important they need to do and scurry away like mechanical mice from an AT mine.

In today's episode we see What's In The Box and discover treasures from exotic Canada. The folks -- or is it "folk'? -- at Lone Canuck Publishing have long been on our radar, and today we take a look at a couple of their offerings. We also have some lovely new dice from Battle School, guaranteed to spice up any ASL play -- and perhaps induce aesthetic arrest in your opponent such that he won't notice your tanks skirting up his flanks.

Hey, if you're finding you have less and less spare time for ASL, be sure to check out Rich Spilky's excellent player aids. The time you save looking up rules will add more gaming to your life, and more life to your gaming.

Lone Canuck Publishing
Battle Dice
ASL Module Dependency Chart
Flames of War podcast
Spilky's Boats player aid

13:00 Letters
31:30 What's in The Box?
1:08:45 Total Running Time

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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Episode 139: Welk-ome to Season 8!

Normally a generous guy, Dave is hesitant to let
Hakkaa Pallee out of his grip.
We're back! Following a long (about 2 weeks) and restful break since the end of season 7, we're back with the most highly anticipated show of the year.

In a dramatic change to our format, we've decided to make this and all future episodes EROR FREE. That's right, from ASL rules to history to news we vow to be 100% akurate and indesputably corect -- except for any time when Jeff is talking . . . or typing! (Yes, he knows it's A-r-i-s-t-o-t-l-e and F-35, not 135).

When we last saw our Advanced Squad Leader heroes (Dave and Jeff) they had just concluded an opening of the much anticipated and long elusive Hakkaa Pallee module. Here we continue the story by looking at the HP terrain and other Finnlandian additions to the Rules including the very cool Prepared Fire Zone, Aerosan and some changes to Chapter E.

But before we start to finish with the Finns we read some splendid listener mail, and then wrap up the Anti Aircraft rules left over from last episode's Air topic. Then we open the box and take a look at Winter Offensive Bonus Pack #6 while exposing our ignorance of Z boards.

Almost tougher than punching some of the HP counters,
we finally got the beer free of these holders
It's a rare combination of sisu and buffoonery, so stop reading and start listening. Ah-one, and ah-two . . .

:30 - Banter
12:00 - Letters
40:00 - Rules: Anti Aircraft (in semi-quiz show format)
58:54 - What's in the Pouch Winter Offensive
1:10:15 - Terrain Time -- plus other stuff
Total time: 1:33:00

ASL Module Dependency Chart
ASL Scenario Chronology spreadsheet
Stand Fast the Guards Scenario
Panzerfunk Podcast (Flames of War and other Wargames)
At The Point newsletter at View From the Trenches
Navy to phase out live pilots

Canadian ASL Open

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

138: Hakkaa Paalle Finnalle!

This is the last show of our seventh year on the air, and we have everything you'd expect from a season finale. We start things off innocently enough with some excellent listener mail. Then we have an oh so satisfying conclusion to a long-running story arc with the highly anticipated release and reveal of Hakkaa Paalle!

We even have a cliff hanger ending! Will Jeff be returning for another season? You'll have to wait until NEXT season to find out. When will season eight begin? Dave's not telling! In the meantime, you'll have to speculate and commiserate, and this will give you some time to go back and re-listen to the previous 137 episodes (and 21 Extras). Have fun!
Dave on a SINGLE Man Counter.
Could it mean . . .?
1:00 Talk, Talk, Talk
10:30 Letters
44:30 What's in the Box?
1:21:10 Total Running Time

Drive a Tank (for Real)
Generation War (TV Show)

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Saturday, April 11, 2015

ASL Extra 21: Hammer to the Teeth

What? Another ASL Extra episode? Isn't that three extra episodes in as many months? Yes, it is, and thanks for noticing. Now just because we have achieved that high level of production recently doesn't mean you can take it to the bank -- or to the dentist. We just thought it was time to offer up some extra Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit material to our listener-ship, and so we got busy.
Hold on to your molars, break out your boards and unit counters, and follow along as Eric Ortega and Ron Schatz play scenario S15 Hammer to the Teeth.  This episode is recorded in the play by play style with Dave Kleinschmidt providing the live commentary.

Photos of Our Game Are Here at Our Flikr Site

Eddy M. del Rio's Excellent Example of Play and Tutorial
Merric's Musings Account of Said Battle
American Dental Association
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Sunday, March 29, 2015

ASL Extra 20: Hunters at Ylimma

Finally, after years of interminable and unbearable waiting, you got your Haakka Paallee. Now you are asking yourself, "Hey, what scenario should I play?" And the answer is ASL 175 Hunters at Ylimma. Dave Timonen and Dave Kleinschmidt were play testers on this scenario several years ago and recorded this ASL Extra back then. Luckily the final scenario matches the draft copy used for this episode, so here it is. Enjoy.

This was recorded in March of 2010. Five years later we can finally publish it. You can't say we aren't patient!

You can view the photos here at our Flikr site.

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Episode 137: Into the Wild Blue Yonder

Rich in Caracao
Off we go in the wild blue yonder, taking you to new heights with a soaring discussion of the Air Support Rules. Learn what it takes to make that Spotting Check and dive in for the kill.
Once again we are joined by Rich Spilky and Dave Ramirez who add a wonderful air of authority to the proceedings. We also try to get the jump on you with a statistical look at Ambush. Rich uses both Dave Olley's Journal article and one from an old issue of the Rout Report to give us the low down.

1:00 Bantero
3:00 Take a Pic With Your T2HS T-Shirt Challenge
7:45 Ambush Probabilities and Strategies
33:50 Air Support Quiz Show Rules Review
1:22:00 Total Running Time

View From the Trenches Special Edition on Air Support
Air Support Chart by Jim Sexton

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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Episode 136: Spinning Our Wheels

Spilky and Ramirez
Well, isn't this special? We have some very special guests today, the indomitable Rich Spilky, and the incomparable Dave Ramirez. It is quite a nice change of pace to have some voices in the broadcast foxhole that actually know how to play the game we like to call Advanced Squad Leader. The discussion opens with scenarios we've played lately, rules changes we'd like to see, and then it proceeds to the meat and potatoes -- more ASL Sleaze! Hmmm . . . what if you took a half-squad and ran it up and down a fire lane for as long as it could make its morale checks in an attempt to cause the fire lane to roll doubles?

1:30 What'cha Been Playing Lately?
40:25  Sleeze Tactiques Part II
1:07:40 Critical Hit v9 #2 Review
1:15:10 Total Running Time Download this episode (right click and save)

Sunday, March 8, 2015

ASL Extra 19: Massacre in Paradise

Well, it's about time. Time for another ASL Extra. In this little endeavor Dave found himself without an opponent during a PAASL club meeting, so he thought "Hey, I can take advantage of this all too common occurrence by recording an ASL Extra episode for our wonderful listeners." 
It would have been a splendid idea if not for the game going on at the adjacent table which turned out to be an enthusiastic and uninhibitedly raucous engagement. And it was loud too. So to be honest, this episode is really only half of one. But in spite of that there's still an abundance of Advanced Squad Leader strategy and tactics to be gleaned from this listening experience as Jeff Hallett's Brits defend the city against Mike Stubits's attacking Germans.

You can find all of the photo's here at our Flikr site.

45:45 - Total Running Time

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Episode 135: Don't Sleaze Me (Oh Yeah, Like I Sleaze You)

We spend a lot of time touting the friendly character of ASL players. A finer group of gentlemen (and ladies) you will not find among gamers. And yet we are not above taking every possible advantage when opportunity arises and the heady promise of victory wafts in our nostrils. And so it is in the highest spirit of sportsmanship and esprit de corps that we uncover the seedier side of the rules -- these are the kind of loopholes you love to employ on your tax return, but hope no one will question.

After that it's time for Terrain Time. A time when we take the time to talk terrain. And today's Terrain Time takes a lot of time because this time there's lots of terrain to talk about.

Banter - Mostly NOT about ASL but still absolutely fascinating.
13:00 - ASL Sleaze
37:00 - Terrain Time
1:09:15 - Total Running Time

Three Moves Ahead podcast
The Big Black Book of ASL Sleaze courtesy of Zeke's ASL Paradise

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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Episode 134: T2HS Greatest Hits Part IV


We can't!  Dave is out of control. This little gem is more like a a huge, ugly rock. It covers episodes 48 through 61, and the ending theme music can't come soon enough.
Total Running Time - An Agonizing 2:41:10

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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Episode 133: Pianissimo and Three Player Games

If you find yourself without your favorite tweezers
just order out for Asian food..
One thing we like about going to ASL tournaments is observing the wide and varied paraphernalia gamers employ to enhance their experience. From storage systems to dice rollers to player aids, the ingenuity of players is almost as interesting as the game itself. Lately we have been coveting instruments to facilitate the manipulation of counters -- especially stacks of counters in crowded terrain. If you've not yet experimented with prosthetics you may learn a thing or two. If you have, we'd like to hear from you about your preferred tools.

We also have an update from Jeff with his latest day at the beach in the Blood Reef: Tarawa campaign, and Dave has a report on the hazardous conditions unfolding in The First Bid.
Dave also has a batch of movie reviews, including Imitation GameAmerican Sniper, and Unbroken. And we end with a discussion of three-player scenarios, which are perfect for when your mother-in-law drops in unexpectedly.

1:00 - Banter
6:00 - Big Game Update
16:10 - What's the Best Tweezers?
29:00 - Movie-ment Phase
43:05 - Three Player Game Discussion
1:07:05 - Total Running Time

March Madness

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Episode 132: The One with the Harp

Last week we were pleased to be the featured guests on another podcast. Three Moves Ahead is the leading computer and console strategy game themed podcast on the internet. You can listen to it here Three Moves Ahead Episode 292 Advanced Squad Leader

In this episode of The 2 Half-Squads Jeff is joined in the broadcast foxhole by his wife Robin to read some letters. Cue the harp music!

Later we get caught up opening some gifts from listeners and then go into some discussion of what we've been playing lately.

11:00 Letters
Gifts from Dennis, Allen, Matt, Steve A and Steve Jobs.
What Have You Been Playing As of Late

Coconut Casualty
Coconut Bombs
All about The Netherlands . . . or is it Holland?

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Special: The John Hill Interview

On the evening of January 12, 2015, a few hours after we had recorded Episode 132 of this show, we learned of the passing of John Hill the creator of the original Squad Leader. We knew John only through the interview he graciously granted us in early February 2010 -- four years and exactly 100 episodes ago. In his honor we here present that interview.

If the value of a man's life be weighed by what he leaves behind, then John certainly strained the scales. His achievements and qualities, listed by so many of his fans, family and friends across the internet, need not be repeated here. All we can add is . . . thank heaven he loved to play games.

John Hill  1944 - 2015

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