Sunday, March 8, 2015

ASL Extra 19: Massacre in Paradise

Well, it's about time. Time for another ASL Extra. In this little endeavor Dave found himself without an opponent during a PAASL club meeting, so he thought "Hey, I can take advantage of this all too common occurrence by recording an ASL Extra episode for our wonderful listeners." 
It would have been a splendid idea if not for the game going on at the adjacent table which turned out to be an enthusiastic and uninhibitedly raucous engagement. And it was loud too. So to be honest, this episode is really only half of one. But in spite of that there's still an abundance of Advanced Squad Leader strategy and tactics to be gleaned from this listening experience as Jeff Hallett's Brits defend the city against Mike Stubits's attacking Germans.

You can find all of the photo's here at our Flikr site.

45:45 - Total Running Time

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  1. Hi Folks.
    Nice AAR but Jeff won this one !
    Taking a building while there is no enemy unit give you the building.
    BUT, locations are controled only by entering them with a good order MMC (or successfuly moping up the building) so Mike didn't control 21 building LOCATION at the end of the game ;-)
    Continue the great work.
    Laurent (Grosbil from the french ASL FFL)

  2. We may have neglected to clarify, that Jeff "threw in the towel" before the actual end of the game. But thanks for the reminder of the difference between LOCATION and HEX. And say hello to the French ASL FFL!