Thursday, December 22, 2011

Episode 60: Dalton 2 -- MMP Update

Here is a chance to get an update in detail on the marvelous upcoming MMP ASL productions. We always enjoy having a chat with Keith Dalton and we know you will find this chat to be of great interest. It is a look at the promotion and retail side of the gaming world, from the controversy behind King Philip's War, to the success of The Mighty Endeavor. ASL topics include the famous Klein and Schmidt leader counters, Haakaa Paalle, Festung Budapest, and the overlay bundle. Keith gives us an update on the reprint schedule including, Rising Sun, Yanks and more. Did someone hear rumors of a Starter Kit Historical Module? We did. Keith even gives us a novel storage idea for the new Starter Kit Style Board Pack. Enjoy!

50:40 Total Running Time

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Episode 59: Tracy Time

We feel pretty lucky to be have so many interesting ASL dignitaries who are willing to spend some time talking to us. And just when we start to think we've hit them all, another great one comes to mind. Today we have an interview with one of the ASL communities most prominent members, J.R. Tracy. Topics include gaming near New York, the state of ASL today, ASLOK 2011, night rules and more 

First, though, Jeff offers a history lesson about The Bellamy Salute which, prior to World War II, was a popular accompaniment to the Pledge of Allegiance. He then shares his recent discovery of a fascinating -- and toe tapping -- Nazi propaganda swing band called Charlie and His Orchestra. And Dave presents a book review of Unbroken: A WWII Story of Survival, Resilience and Redemption by Laura Hillenbrand.

Thanks to Albert Hernandez for the comedy bit idea.

Oh, and Jeff made Dave promise -- no looney sound bites!

4:30 History Report
16:30 Book Review
25:00 J.R. Tracy Interview
1:07:25 Total Running Time

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Episode 58: Looney Times

Sufferin' succotash! Sometimes we sit down at the microphones without really knowing how the session will unfold. Oh. . . you've noticed that? This one gets a little looney.

Jeff starts with a report on his visit to The National Churchill Museum in Fulton, MO. Great horny toads, what a surprising and delightful find there in America's heartland. It was at Westminster College in Fulton that Winston Churchill gave his famous Iron Curtain speech in 1946. The museum constructed some years later in honor of the great British statesman is worth a drive, for sure. As a bonus, the museum was also host to a traveling exhibit of The Naval Art of Thomas Hart Benton.

Next we get on with Letters, of course. Did we read YOUR letter? If you haven't written, then of course not. So write us and we'll get you on the air. Anything you have to say has GOT to be more interesting than our inane banter.

Later, just as were about to settle in to serious business, Dave pops in a Box Art Review -- a double header, no less, starting with commentary on the cover of "Blood Reef: Tarawa", and then proceeding to a new, unopened copy of "For King and Country". But that fresh FKaC packaging doesn't last long as we tear into it for a look at "What's in the Box".

Finally, we get into some ASL Action as we present our first, of what we hope will be many, Set Up Comparisons.  Dave and Dave each set up a defense for scenario J112 Prelude to Dying and comment on their rationale and strategy.  It's interesting and instructive to see how other players approach a set up situation. How do they compare to your ideas?

On with the show, this is it!

6:20 National Churchill Museum
10:45 Letters
24:00 Box Art Review
36:45 What's in the Box
51:00 Set Up Comparison 'Prelude to Dying' J112
1:24:15 Total Running Time

That's all, folks!

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Episode 57: Ian Daglish Tribute

We were greatly saddened to hear of  the passing of Ian Daglish. While we had never had the honor to meet him face to face, we consider ourselves lucky to have conducted an interview with him a few days before the tragic accident that took his life. Ian was a World War II historian who specialized  in the Normandy Campaign and authored several books on the topic in the Over The Battlefield series. He was also an avid wargamer and made many contributions to the ASL hobby, especially as a scenario designer. He will be missed.
41:09 - Total Running Time


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Monday, October 10, 2011

Episode 56: Stack Attack

Just another day in ASL paradise. Join us as we take care of some interesting mail. Then Le Franc Tireur's Kampfgruppe Scherer: the Shield of Cholm, and Bounding Fire Production's Crucible of Steel: Battle of Kursk are In the News. The winners of the T2HS Song Lyric Contest are announced. Then we have a little quiz show on Set Up and Stacking Limits to test and augment your ASL knowledge.
We'll be announcing the next contest soon, so you'll have another chance to gain fame and win valuable stuff. So stay tuned!
5:00 - Letters
27:30 - In the News
38:30 - Song
40:00 - Song Contest Winners
43:00 - Quiz Show
1:14:00 - Total Running Time

SONG LYRICS (sung to "A Few of My Favorite Things")
GS on Shermans and Shurtzen on Panthers
Flame-throwing Cromwells and AA on Panzers
Living the chaos that Sniper checks bring
These are a few of those ASL things

Chapters and chapters of tables and rules
The ultimate wargame goes way beyond kewl
Just like those fighters with bombs under wing
And reading to see what those SSRs bring
Rural or Urban, cross streets in quick dashes
When playing night rules remember gun flashes
Winter offensives that last throughout spring
These are a few of those ASL things

When my squad break
When my luck stinks
When I’m rolling bad
I simply remember those ASL things
And then I don’t feel so bad

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Episode 55: Round Table II

Had a hard day at work? Difficulties with that job search? Neighbor's dog left a doo-doo on your lawn? Well times are tough, so give yourself a little break, pull up a seat at the table and enjoy the conversation, as we discuss all things ASL.

Today's knights of the round table are:
Jack Murphy
Rich Spilky
Dave Kleinschmidt
Jeff Hallett

George Clooney wanted to be here but had to cancel at the last moment. No matter. We do the subject justice without him.


2:40 - How to store your rules and how they should be made available
13:02 - Why We Hate ASL
21:00 - Cave Rules and Their Complexity
29:00 - ROAR
41:00 - Should Publishers Fix and Re-Release Bad Scenarios?
46:00 - Winter Boards
53:00 - Speed of Play
1:03:00 - Gaming Etiquette
1:16:00 - Passing on the tradition of ASL
1:25:00 - Total Running Time

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Episode 54: Back to [Battle] School

This episode is loaded with ASL goodness! This time when we look in that oh-so-famous "box", we find MMP's Out of the Bunker. It's a great collection of scenario gems that were previously released in the "Dispatches from the Bunker" newsletter from way back when. Yet another song entry is performed for your enjoyment -- and we use that term loosely. You just can't beat that for your entertainment dollar. A new segment called "Terrain Time" makes it's debut. Let us know what you think of it. We conclude this episode with an interview with Chris Doary of Battleschool. It may be time to remove that dunce cap and get a proper ASL eddication. Knowledge is good!

6:00 - Letters
20:00 - What We've Been Playing Lately
37:00 - What's in the Box? and SK Board Review
56:45 - Terrain Time
1:04:00 - Song
1:06:35 - Chris Doary Interview
1:43:20 - Total Running Time

SONG LYRICS (sung to "The Lumberjack Song")
I play ASL and that's OK.
I play all night and I play all day

I move my troops, I rally well, I fire my panzerfausts
When opponents get too cocky, I bombard them to heck!

I rally well, I shoot big guns, I blitz my tanks alot
and if there's too much open, I lay the smoke I've got

I shoot big guns, MG's get rate, And often just for fun
I'll play in Frenchmen's clothing, and surrender on turn one!

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Episode 53: My Better Half-Track

Don't button up or you might miss something. This episode is all about half-tracks. Those weakly armored, open topped, speedy little vehicles that we use to transport our troops and do sleazy vehicle bypass freeze moves in the last turn, to confound and frustrate our enemies.

Before we get to the main topic, though, we'll discuss a Top Ten War Books list as compiled by Military History magazine, and listen to another song entry from our "Write funny ALS Lyrics" contest. (Don't forget the contest ends July 30th).
Also we find out What's in the Box, indulge in some Box Art Review, and in general hack together another fine show.

We were doing a video simulcast while recording this episode. Be on the lookout as we'll be doing more of these in the future.

Top Ten war books
Box Art Review
Contest Entry: Run Through the ASL Jungle by Dennis Donavan
What's in the Box

Whoa, heard it was a nightmare, LOL!, It’s all so true
They told me, “Fear the PTO!”, ‘cause the Japs are on the loose.

Better not CX in the jungle, Better not advance into jungle
Better not stray in the jungle, Why? You’ll get ambushed, ya see

Thought I heard grumblin’, Playin’ a night rules game
200Yankee guns are loaded, The sgt. cries: “Take aim!”

Over in hex G10, Sgt. Schmutz he spoke:
“Let the privates know my wisdom, Fill the hex with smoke.”

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Friday, July 1, 2011

Episode 52: From the Land Down Under

ANZAC ASL sets the world right
G'day Mates! This edition comes to you from Down Under, sorta'. We hope it's a corker and not a yabber. Some of the last of the ASLOK 2010 interviews are here; Steve Linton and David Longworth make their appearances in this episode, including some "history of the game" discussion about that revered wargaming group, The Paddington Bears. Down under? They're top 'o the world in our book. In honor of these guys and all the great ANZAC players we're displaying McArthur's Corrected Map. Can't you hear, can't you hear the thunder?

The 2 Half-Squads Singers wow us yet again with more song entries presented for your entertainment. By the way, the song contest ends on July 31st and prizes will be awarded, so don't miss this great opportunity.

"What's in the Box?" uncovers the wonderful nuggets in MMP's very recent release of ASL Journal #9. The indefatigable Dave has already read it and gives his overview.

And there's lots more, so be a good bloke and pull up a chair, keep the bities away from you with an Aussie Salute, pour up some amber fluid, and we will put some shrimp on the barbie for yeh' -- and we will eat them for yeh, too. You're welcome.

Lyrics to Breakin' in the Grain
We're pinning in the grain, Just breaking in the grain
What a glorious feeling, we rally again
We're laughing at guns, so big on the hill
The sarge's in our hex, and we're ready to charge
Let the green half-squad chase, the H-I-P from the place
Come on with the wave, we have smoke on the way
We run down the plain, in the enemy firelane
Just pinnin' and breakin' in the grain.

Lyrics to Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to you, I just rolled a 2.
Your Tiger's now burning, so have another brew (up).

11:00 - Letters
26:30 - Songs
30:00 - Scenarios We've Played Lately
43:00 - Interview with Steve Linton
1:09:00 What's in the Box? Journal 9
1:22:30 Interview with David Longworth (Paddington Bears)
1:38:50 Total Running Time

ASLSK2 Tutorial
Combined Arms Digital Library
Survival Books
Army Field Manuals
Battlespace strategy gaming magazine
The Paddington Bears

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Episode 51: Hold on to Your Holst, it's Time for Close Combat!

It's time to advance into close combat! Join us as we take a gander at the intricacies of engaging the enemy up close and personal. Both infantry and vehicle close combat are covered in this slightly larger than normal episode that is packed with ASL goodness. If you think there were too many letters last time then you will enjoy the lack of letters in this one.

Scott Holst is our guest on an interview from ASLOK. The 2 Half-Squads are not responsible for anything said by Scott. The opinions expressed by Scott are not necessarily those of The 2 Half-Squads.

Don't get ambushed as you advance into this episode!

4:15 - What We've Been Playing Lately
21:45 - Infantry CC
46:00 - Vehicle CC Quiz Show
1:14:30 - Scott Holst Interview
1:38:15 - Total Running Time

Mattias' Module Dependency Chart

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Episode 50: Fabulous Fifty!

It's hard to believe, but we have actually made it to the big episode 5-0! Quite an accomplishment, wouldn't you agree? We had so many requests from listeners, celebrities, friends, and family who wanted to join us on this momentous night that we just couldn't decide who was most deserving. So we decided to keep it just the two of us and present our favorite kind of show -- lots of talk about our favorite game in the whole, wide world. And banter, boy do we banter!

Letters, letters, letters! Boy, do we have letters. Thank you to everyone who writes. The feedback and contributions are much appreciated. Your many links are below.

Also we look into "the box" and find some very cool Countersmith Turret Counters and the new ASL SK Expansion Pack #1, wherein we finally find out if the much ballyhooed "Kleinschmidt" counter appears. The answer will surprise you.

We'll save the celebrities for another time. This one is banter-licious!

2:00 - Letters
39:00 - ASL Lyrics Contest
40:00 - The Half-Squad Singer performing BUNGLE IN THE JUNGLE
50:00 - What's in the Box?
1:18:30 Total Running Time

From Starter Kit to Full ASL by Mikka Sohlman
Bill Kohler's excellent player aids page
Games Club of Maryland
ASL Logbook
Yockbo's Boardgame Blog
ASL Training by Russ Gifford
Adelaide Gamer blog
Mattias' Module Dependency Chart

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

ASL Extra #12: Maczek Fire Brigade

Welcome ASL fans, for another rollicking T2HS Extra. In this installment, our own Dave Kleinschmidt commands the Germans against challenger Rick Hollander's Polish defenders in "Maczek Fire Brigade". This is a popular tournament scenario for good reason -- it's well balanced and is a scant six turns long. Break out scenario J113 and follow along as our stalwart opponents engage in devastating and delirious mortal combat. Feel free to leave your comments and suggestions as regards our poor play. That way others may benefit from your wisdom. Zeb Doyle has a nice write up of his play of said scenario the Banzaii Blog.

Sound the alarm. This one's H-O-T.

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Episode 49: Houseman of Dark Shadows Style Zombies

Zombies rock! And so does anyone who can come up with an ASL Zombie scenario. The very idea is so cool it would be killing us if we weren't already undead. Glenn Houseman of the East Side Gamers is that very guy and we had the pleasure of interviewing him at ASLOK 2010. You can find a whole lot of "normal" ASL scenarios at their website also, but we think we need Zombie counters.

Have you ever heard of a female ASLer? Well one exists and we have the interview to prove it, thanks to a contribution from listener Mark Zielinski. Mark is also a contributor to The Dice Tower netcast.

Box Art Review makes an appearance in this episode with a look at the Bonus Packs from MMP.

"In the box" are some Americans from the 45th Infantry Division.  Those GI's can be found in the Rally Point Volume 5: Thunderbird Pack. They run rampant in some great scenarios from the famous Bill Sisler.

What are you waiting for? Hit the listen now button!

2:30 - Letters
24:00 - Scenarios We've Played Lately
28:00 - What's in the Box?
33:00 - Box Art Review
45:00 - Glenn Houseman Interview
1:08:00 - Liz Interview
1:32:45 - Total Running Time

East Side Gamers

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Episode 48: The Rich is Back

Our friend Rich Spilky is back to answer some of your burning tank tactics questions (pun intended). Rich was going back through his dusty  old newsletters (yes, the kind that were printed on paper and delivered to your house by the postman) and he thought perhaps listeners would benefit from a review of some of the articles he found. And he was right. We did.

Also We look into "the box" and find the newest Winter Offensive 2011 Bonus Pack and the ASL Starter Kit Bonus Pack, Beyond the Beaches, which introduces new players to . . . shrubbery! Or more precisely, hedges.

Don't just sit there, LISTEN!

2:30 - Letters
20:00 - Scenarios We've Played Lately
28:50 - What's in the Box?
41:00 - Tactic Time with Rich (Shermans v. Panthers and gun duels)
1:23:00 Total Running Time


View From the Turret

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Episode 47: Fish 'n' Action

Bill "Fish" Conner and Daryl "Action Burke" Burke
The oral history of The Game continues in a very special interview with Bill "Fish" Conner and Daryl "Action Burke" Burke. We caught up with these ASL legends at ASLOK 2010 and had a most fascinating conversation. Even Perry Cocke couldn't resist joining in with this historical duo. No doubt The Smithsonian Institute will be calling us for a copy of this show. No thanks -- we're going to auction it at Sotheby's.

Also in this show, our new roving reporter Whit Richardson contributes a report from the Albany Tournament that includes interviews with Trezza and Bendis. The sound is a little strange due to a technical difficulty, but it is still thoroughly enjoyable.

If you're kicking yourself for not entering our 2010 Ken Smith Art Print Contest you have a chance to redeem yourself with our new contest. It's our Funny ASL Lyrics Contest. Take any song and re-write the lyrics with an ASL theme รก la Favorite ASL Things from Episode 45. Then send us your lyrics or call in and sing it to us for your chance to win a nice prize (yet to be determined) as well as global fame.

THIS is ASL Idol!

2:45 - Scenarios We've Played Lately
12:00 - Letters
22:00 - Funny Lyrics Contest announcement
29:30 - Albany Report with Whit Richardson
43:00 - Bill "Fish" Conner and Daryl "Action" Burke
1:23:18 Total Running Time

Reefs World
C4 Corner Cutter

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Episode 46: Sherry Anyone?

In this lean, (and banter-free) offering, we get right down to business with an interview with the very distinguished Evan Sherry. Evan talks about the Florida Advanced Squad Leader Tournament, the Tampa Bay ASL Group, and those excellent ASL product offerings. Their latest product, Schwerpunkt volume 16, is revealed in "What's in the Box?". The second installment of the popular "PAASL: Sounds of the Game" is here for your amusement. And the Cavalry tutorial promised in T2HS #45 rounds out the episode with something for you students of the game.

Yeah Baby!

2:30 - Evan Sherry Interview
21:00 - What's in the Box? - Schwerpunkt v. 16
38:00 - PAASL Revisited; The Sounds of the Game
57:00 - Cavalry Tutorial
1:23:10 Total Running Time

Cavalry Tutorial Photos
Sherry Enterprises

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Episode 45: Horse Sense

And.... we're off! The long awaited and promised (ok, maybe just promised) Cavalry episode has crossed the finish line. This Clydesdale-sized beast is worthy of pulling that Bud wagon! It ain't just a dog and pony show, but an in depth look at the mechanics and tactics of making that charge of the ASL Light Brigade. Not only that... but it includes the debut of The 2 Half-Squad Singers.
Look for a cavalry charge tutorial coming in episode 46.

Dig it!

8:00 - Listener mail
25:10 - Voice mail and Favorite Things song
31:00 - Cavalry Quiz Show
1:19:30 - Cavalry Tactics
1:31:15 Total Running Time

Fair Game

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