Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Episode 23: Prep School

Ah yes, we hate to say it but the end of summer break is drawing nigh (here in the Northern latitudes, anyway) and soon the kids will be back in school. With all the homework, projects, sports, and other scholastic activities monopolizing the lives of our youngsters, how are we adults to fill the empty hours? Hmmm. How about some ASL?

In this episode, we go to prep school — Prep Fire Phase school, that is. With the ASL’ers favorite cheat sheet (the trusty ASOP) in hand, we take a detailed view of every event in this first action phase of the game turn. Why do we love Prep Fire so much? Because we finally get to FIRE!

We are happy to break from our studies to talk with Matt Shostak of the Texas ASL club. You know Matt and friends of course if you’ve ever laid eyes on the excellent Banzai!! [sic] publication, a newsletter — and so much more — put together and offered for free by that honored group from the greatest state in the lower forty-eight. Did we mention they offer Banzai!! for FREE? How’s that for a sample of Texas hospitality?

Put on your thinking caps and join us!

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Texas ASL Club
The Banzai newsletter (all 50 issues in one zip file)

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