Thursday, December 22, 2011

Episode 60: Dalton 2 -- MMP Update

Here is a chance to get an update in detail on the marvelous upcoming MMP ASL productions. We always enjoy having a chat with Keith Dalton and we know you will find this chat to be of great interest. It is a look at the promotion and retail side of the gaming world, from the controversy behind King Philip's War, to the success of The Mighty Endeavor. ASL topics include the famous Klein and Schmidt leader counters, Haakaa Paalle, Festung Budapest, and the overlay bundle. Keith gives us an update on the reprint schedule including, Rising Sun, Yanks and more. Did someone hear rumors of a Starter Kit Historical Module? We did. Keith even gives us a novel storage idea for the new Starter Kit Style Board Pack. Enjoy!

50:40 Total Running Time

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