Thursday, January 30, 2014

Episode 108: The Invisible Man and Other Models there anybody out there?  Oh, there you are. We couldn't see you at first.
We think you will enjoy this episode even though it contains an inordinate amount of banter and goofy chit-chat. Unless you think Munster model talk isn't goofy.

First we chunk through a slew of letters -- and those letters cover a lot of Advanced Squad Leader topics of interest. Dave and Jeff have started play of the large scenario, God Save the King and we discuss that event during the What Have You Been Playing Lately? segment. By popular demand Box Art Review makes its long awaited return. Get out your pens and paper and prepare to take notes. There'll be a test at the end of Episode 200.

We hope to see you at the ASL Open during the weekend of April 12th!

Our game of God Save the King.

12:06  Letters
39:45 New Contest Announced
40:00  Wut U Bin Plain Lately?
56:10  Box Art Review: Journal 10
1:06:35 Total running time

ASL Open 2014 
Ernie Pyle Museum
Link 1 to Malaya Madness
Link 2 to Malaya Madness
Sergy Larankov Photography
David Pentland Art

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Friday, January 3, 2014

Episode 107: Dethlefsen Take Two

Happy New Year everyone! Did you make a resolution to always roll low and rally well? How's that workin' out for you so far?

We can think of  no better way to welcome the new year than to enjoy the second part of our interview with Steve Dethlefsen of Heat of BattleFortress Cassino: The Road to Rome, Berlin: Red Vengeance and Onslaught to Orsha are just a few of the many HOB products we discuss in this episode. The real gem though is an titillating and insightful glimpse at the Kohima game still in development. And things stay interesting as the conversation turns to such topics as why we study WWII so much, and the nefarious Nestor Makhno.

How's that for a kick-off to 2014? Cheers! Or, as we like to say, Clink . . . and DRINK!

2:00  Chat with Steve
22:00  What's in the Box? Berlin: Red Vengeance
59:10  What's in the Box? Operation Merkur

1:10:15 Total running time

HOB : Berlin: Red Vengeance
HOB: Cassino the Road to Rome
Brief History of the Battle of Kohima
After the Battle Books

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