Sunday, September 4, 2011

Episode 55: Round Table II

Had a hard day at work? Difficulties with that job search? Neighbor's dog left a doo-doo on your lawn? Well times are tough, so give yourself a little break, pull up a seat at the table and enjoy the conversation, as we discuss all things ASL.

Today's knights of the round table are:
Jack Murphy
Rich Spilky
Dave Kleinschmidt
Jeff Hallett

George Clooney wanted to be here but had to cancel at the last moment. No matter. We do the subject justice without him.


2:40 - How to store your rules and how they should be made available
13:02 - Why We Hate ASL
21:00 - Cave Rules and Their Complexity
29:00 - ROAR
41:00 - Should Publishers Fix and Re-Release Bad Scenarios?
46:00 - Winter Boards
53:00 - Speed of Play
1:03:00 - Gaming Etiquette
1:16:00 - Passing on the tradition of ASL
1:25:00 - Total Running Time

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