Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Episode 187: Cool Katz in Korea

This is why we had to title the episode as we did. 
When you can snag interviews with people the likes of Ken Katz, you've got an excellent show with very little effort on the part of the interviewers.You also don't need to edit a whole lot. Ken brings us the inside scoop on the soon to be released (well, soon is a relative term) Multi-Man ASL product The Forgotten War, Korea 1950-1953.  Ken does an outstanding job giving us the run down on the development, history, boards, counters and rules of this fascinating new module. We are really looking forward to this one.

0:01 T2HS Singers perform Objective Schmidt with lyrics by Dennis Donovan
2:10 No Banter (we promise)
2:11 Ken Katz Interview
1:17:30 Total Running Time

The War For Korea by Millett 1950-51
The War For Korea 1945-50 by Millet
US Army Center of Military History
US Marine Corps history of the Korean War

Objective Schmidt is coming soon, by BFP for ASL
Objective Schmidt is coming soon, this news you can't be ignoring
It comes with 2 new HASL maps, of Vossenack and Kommerschmidt
And 18 new scenarios, one of which is a campaign.

There won't be a big magazine, just a booklet with some pages.
Of HSR's and CG stuff, and the historical background.
And what price tag will OS bring, one hundred clams? I'd gladly pay.
Which release date are you thinking? BFP we are imploring.

And all the souls on earth shall sing, on release day, on release day.
I hope it's what Santa will bring on Christmas Day in the morning.

Then let us all rejoice again when comes the day, when comes the day?
More new stuff from the three wise men, who sleigh us with all their new products.


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