Saturday, February 25, 2012

Episode 64: Nights in White Phosphorous

Sadly, we say farewell to an Advanced Squad Leader legend, Bill "Fish" Conner, who, along with Daryl Burke, was responsible for starting the ASLOK tournament. We hardly knew him, yet still feel the loss.  

As for the rest of the episode, shoot a Starshell into the air so you can see clearly. Gunflashes be darned! We are going to fire from the hip and bring you the long awaited final installment of the Night Rules. First, Jeff brings his review of Von Ryan's Express, followed by a look at Gun Flash, Starshell and Illuminating Rounds. Terrain Time covers Shellholes, so you can become a little more adept at getting in and out of them. Go ahead and jump out of that shellhole -- we promise to not shoot!

2:00 - Farewell to Bill "Fish" Conner
8:00 - Jeff discusses "Von Ryan's Express"
14:50 - Night Rules pt. 3
47:30 - Terrain Time: Shellholes
58:00 - Total Running Time


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Episode 63: ASL Night Fever

Don't stray too far from this podcast, because it is time for Night Part 2, and we couldn't get all of the night rules into this episode, as much as we tried, which means that you can expect Night Part 3, sometime soon.

AFV Logic Card w/Overlay
You may be all jittery and wondering what other ASL info consumed the time allotted to this podcast, besides discovering who is lax at night. Well, this episode brings you a look at What's in the Box with the marvelous AFV Logic Basic Plus cards from Countersmith Workshop. (Thank you Countersmith for sending this amazing set for review.) This episode's song offering is OBA From the Sky written by Troy Nordine.
Dave's American Bison 

8:23 Letters
27:30 What's in the Box?
40:25 "OBA From the Sky" Song
46:00 Night Part 2
1:22:30 Total Running Time

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Episode 62: Starry, Starry Starshell

It is not Night Part 2. It is a sad, sad, day. Jeff has been called into work on the night we are scheduled to record Episode 62, and Dave is faced with a difficult decision. Should he wait to record with Jeff, or carry on, at the risk of producing a rather boring show? Dave has chosen (maybe unwisely) to forge ahead on his own. This very episode is the result of that decision. On the plus side, this episode does bring you a look at the Allied Minor AFV cards from Fanatic Enterprises (out of print but available from Alex Key), and a one sided Movie Review of Von Ryan's Express. Many listeners will enjoy the song Houlie Dice.  There is a nice Starshell Tutorial that can teach you about those bright things in the night sky. Though you haven't heard the starshell rules explained in Night Part 2 yet, you will still find the tutorial informative. Dave also discusses the PAASL Club and hopes you will be encouraged to start your own.


2:00 Letters
12:00 What's in the Box
19:00 Movie Review
27:00 Houlie Dice Song
29:00 PAASL - Start Your Own ASL Club
41:00 Starshell Tutorial
57:00 Total Running Time

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