Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Episode 344: In a Bitterest Stack

Jump with us into the box and land on a brand new Bounding Fire Production called Bitterest Day. It includes a wonderful map of the Sugar Loaf Hill area on Okinawa, a sheet of counters, scenarios and more.

None today

00:01 "In a Stack" Song
6:00 What's in the Box?
44:30 Contest Draw and New Announced
50:28 Total Running Time

In a Stack
Lyrics by Dennis Donovan
Performed by The 2 Half Squad Singers

I have three elite squads, I'll move them in a stack.
With the 10-3 leader, now no turning back

I need two more MF's to get across the road.
I'll chance the minus two and hope I don't get hosed.

I'm moving all my guys I'll move them in a stack.
If my mentor saw this, he'd have a heart attack!

My opponent shakes his head and chokes on his coffee.
No I'm not a newbie but it sure seems like it, eh?

I'm sure I'll kick myself and catch a lot of flack.
I'll probably cry poor if my guys all get kacked.

We might get blown away by ignoring all the facts.
It's not easy moving out, when facing a kill stack

My guys will hopefully survive 20 down 2.
I need to get into the woods in hex G2.

If I look hard enough into the rule book.
Maybe I will find an out before my goose gets cooked!

Maybe the Dice Gods will cut me a little slack.
No cover anymore it's too late to turn back!

I see the turns go by the end is getting close.
Desperate times they call for desperate measures dude.

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