Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Episode 344: In a Bitterest Stack

Jump with us into the box and land on a brand new Bounding Fire Production called Bitterest Day. It includes a wonderful map of the Sugar Loaf Hill area on Okinawa, a sheet of counters, scenarios and more.

None today

00:01 "In a Stack" Song
6:00 What's in the Box?
44:30 Contest Draw and New Announced
50:28 Total Running Time

In a Stack
Lyrics by Dennis Donovan
Performed by The 2 Half Squad Singers

I have three elite squads, I'll move them in a stack.
With the 10-3 leader, now no turning back

I need two more MF's to get across the road.
I'll chance the minus two and hope I don't get hosed.

I'm moving all my guys I'll move them in a stack.
If my mentor saw this, he'd have a heart attack!

My opponent shakes his head and chokes on his coffee.
No I'm not a newbie but it sure seems like it, eh?

I'm sure I'll kick myself and catch a lot of flack.
I'll probably cry poor if my guys all get kacked.

We might get blown away by ignoring all the facts.
It's not easy moving out, when facing a kill stack

My guys will hopefully survive 20 down 2.
I need to get into the woods in hex G2.

If I look hard enough into the rule book.
Maybe I will find an out before my goose gets cooked!

Maybe the Dice Gods will cut me a little slack.
No cover anymore it's too late to turn back!

I see the turns go by the end is getting close.
Desperate times they call for desperate measures dude.

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  1. John Knowles here. Just wanted to add that this product is an ideal way to learn caves, due to the inclusion of some small and relatively simple missions regarding them. I have heard a number of ASL players make the (intellectually very lazy) excuse that "...I don't want to learn caves, because I don't like bug hunt scenarios ....". Well, hardly _ANY_ of the cave scenarios that I've seen published resemble bug hunts at all. That's just a lazy excuse for not wanting to learn the rules (which is fine, but it would be nice if they could stop denigrating caves with this nonsense). In short, to anyone who is interested and prepared to learn caves, this product is an ideal pathway (as is Kakazu Ridge from ASL Journal 2).

  2. John, thank you for this insightful comment. We encourage all to give caves a try. And for listening!