Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Episode 343: ASL Journal 9 in the News

We hope that you enjoy the reprise of  Dennis Donovan's ASL Journal Number 9 parody song that we open with. We take a look at the Mobelwagon and Ostwind in our Armored Fighting Vehicles segment and then touch on What's in the News. What we are playing lately is scenario FB8: For Want of Crust or Crumb. If you watch on Youtube you can be among the first to see the newly framed art from Hedgerow Hell.  Or just look to the right. 

Richard Bog's Plane Found
D-Day Commemorative Coin
D-Day Changed the Sand
Clarence Bud Anderson Passes
D-Day Map Makers

00:01  ASL Journal Number 9 Song
3:00 Chitty Chitty Chat Chat
10:30 What Have You Been Playing Lately?
17:00 Armoured Fighting Vehicles
30:40 What's in the News
44:24 Total Running Time


Dennis Donovan - lyrics and 'singing'

Jim "MixMasterJames" Bera - audio

I took my troubles down to Gaming Fools
You know that game store that grog nard dude
I went in Sunday when he opened up at nine
‘Cuz he plays A.S.L. and, he plays it all the time.

At ASL I am a flop with it
I haven’t won a game since 2006
He did a face palm and he sighed a mighty sigh
Said what you need my boy is, ASL Journal 9

He grabbed one and rang me up and gave me a wink
He said it will improve my game in under a week
It’s got a cool CG that’s called Suicide Creek
Scenarios, and articles, still in the shrink

I stayed up reading until dawn that night
I started playing every weekday night
And when I beat my friend for the thirty-second time,
I hugged my copy of, ASL Journal 9

It’s play-tested well, they’ve worked out all of the kinks
The 2 Half Squads they did a box art RE-view I think
You'll soon be a 10-3 just like ol’ Colonel Klink
Paid one-oh-five, it’s so worth it! That's what I think!

I go to every tournament in sightI became GROFAZ almost over night
And when I cornered Chas at ASLOK twenty nine
He signed my copy of A-SL Journal 9

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