Sunday, March 29, 2015

ASL Extra 20: Hunters at Ylimma

Finally, after years of interminable and unbearable waiting, you got your Haakka Paallee. Now you are asking yourself, "Hey, what scenario should I play?" And the answer is ASL 175 Hunters at Ylimma. Dave Timonen and Dave Kleinschmidt were play testers on this scenario several years ago and recorded this ASL Extra back then. Luckily the final scenario matches the draft copy used for this episode, so here it is. Enjoy.

This was recorded in March of 2010. Five years later we can finally publish it. You can't say we aren't patient!

You can view the photos here at our Flikr site.

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Episode 137: Into the Wild Blue Yonder

Rich in Caracao
Off we go in the wild blue yonder, taking you to new heights with a soaring discussion of the Air Support Rules. Learn what it takes to make that Spotting Check and dive in for the kill.
Once again we are joined by Rich Spilky and Dave Ramirez who add a wonderful air of authority to the proceedings. We also try to get the jump on you with a statistical look at Ambush. Rich uses both Dave Olley's Journal article and one from an old issue of the Rout Report to give us the low down.

1:00 Bantero
3:00 Take a Pic With Your T2HS T-Shirt Challenge
7:45 Ambush Probabilities and Strategies
33:50 Air Support Quiz Show Rules Review
1:22:00 Total Running Time

View From the Trenches Special Edition on Air Support
Air Support Chart by Jim Sexton

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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Episode 136: Spinning Our Wheels

Spilky and Ramirez
Well, isn't this special? We have some very special guests today, the indomitable Rich Spilky, and the incomparable Dave Ramirez. It is quite a nice change of pace to have some voices in the broadcast foxhole that actually know how to play the game we like to call Advanced Squad Leader. The discussion opens with scenarios we've played lately, rules changes we'd like to see, and then it proceeds to the meat and potatoes -- more ASL Sleaze! Hmmm . . . what if you took a half-squad and ran it up and down a fire lane for as long as it could make its morale checks in an attempt to cause the fire lane to roll doubles?

1:30 What'cha Been Playing Lately?
40:25  Sleeze Tactiques Part II
1:07:40 Critical Hit v9 #2 Review
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Sunday, March 8, 2015

ASL Extra 19: Massacre in Paradise

Well, it's about time. Time for another ASL Extra. In this little endeavor Dave found himself without an opponent during a PAASL club meeting, so he thought "Hey, I can take advantage of this all too common occurrence by recording an ASL Extra episode for our wonderful listeners." 
It would have been a splendid idea if not for the game going on at the adjacent table which turned out to be an enthusiastic and uninhibitedly raucous engagement. And it was loud too. So to be honest, this episode is really only half of one. But in spite of that there's still an abundance of Advanced Squad Leader strategy and tactics to be gleaned from this listening experience as Jeff Hallett's Brits defend the city against Mike Stubits's attacking Germans.

You can find all of the photo's here at our Flikr site.

45:45 - Total Running Time

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