Sunday, March 15, 2015

Episode 136: Spinning Our Wheels

Spilky and Ramirez
Well, isn't this special? We have some very special guests today, the indomitable Rich Spilky, and the incomparable Dave Ramirez. It is quite a nice change of pace to have some voices in the broadcast foxhole that actually know how to play the game we like to call Advanced Squad Leader. The discussion opens with scenarios we've played lately, rules changes we'd like to see, and then it proceeds to the meat and potatoes -- more ASL Sleaze! Hmmm . . . what if you took a half-squad and ran it up and down a fire lane for as long as it could make its morale checks in an attempt to cause the fire lane to roll doubles?

1:30 What'cha Been Playing Lately?
40:25  Sleeze Tactiques Part II
1:07:40 Critical Hit v9 #2 Review
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Javaslinger said...

I fear Rich Spilky's personal sleaze move (AM to bump and not lose ?) has been relegated to Appendix 1 - Illegal Sleaze by some Journal 4 errata.... A12.15 Errata: In line 9 after “it will” add “lose Concealment and”. The full relevant text is below... No distinction or exception is made for Assault Movement.

A12.15 'Concealment can also be lost due to attempted enemy movement (not advance) into a concealed unit's Location. Whenever a non-berserk enemy infantry/non-charging Cavalry unit attempts to move into a Location containing a concealed unit during the MPh [EXC: Bypass (12.151)], the DEFENDER must immediately reveal at least one concealed unit in that Location and thereby force the moving unit back (even from a Wire Location) to the last Location occupied before entering his Location [EXC: units allowed to enter an enemy Location during the MPh; 4.14] where it will lose concealment and end its MPh (unless it goes Berserk first) and is subject to possible Defensive First Fire attack (or, in the case of a routing unit, eliminated or captured for Failure to Rout; 10.533)."

The 2 Half-Squads said...

Once again guys, keep these great clarifications coming. We will read them on the air for those who don't check the comments section.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I see now that both units would lose concealment in the situation I described on the podcast. thanks for pointing this out!
Rich Spilky

Anonymous said...

Note also that a 75mm-armed Sherman could not stay in a Tiger's hex if it would hit the front Target facing "at the moment and position of entry into that hex" as the TK# (14+1) is to low to destroy/shock the Tiger (AF: 11) on a TK DR of 5.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, in the case sited, a TK DR of '5' with a TK# of 15 (14+1) vs. a frontal armor of 11 would yield a 'possible shock' result which is not good enough per the Q&A on this rule to stop in the hex. However, if the Sherman had enough MPs, it could enter the hex from a side facing (Turret or Hull) and that would enable it to stop in the hex with an enemy vehicle that had 11 frontal armor and 8 side armor.

Rich Spilky

Itinerant said...

This was a great show with all the best bits - games played and lots of rules discussion - one of the best shows.
Itinerant Hobbyist
Aka Todd

Unknown said...

My smoke suggestion - the player should have the option of getting one guaranteed smoke attack in exchange for a smoke exponent lowered by 1. That's my brilliant idea.

Anonymous said...

Provided a 6 is not rolled on the repair dr, an optional labor counter could placed on an AFV at the end of the rally phase if the first attempt at repairing a malfunctioned MA is not successful. The -1 labor modifier would be applied to the next repair attempt dr making it possible to repair on a 1 or 2. An original 6 would still lead to permanent disablement. A penalty could be incurred for placing (or flipping) the labor status counter however such as marking the vehicle TI for that player turn.

Erwin Lau said...

It is legal to move 14 hexes, not only 12, in one player turn. Voluntary Break after CX with leader in front of an enemy and within its normal range. With proper battlefield situation and Japanese or Russian and a Commissar, the troops and rally back after infiltrating enemy position.

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