Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Episode 152: Holiday Hooligans

We must have made it on the Nice list.
Look at the ultra-cool coasters created by Rich Fulcher.
Welcome to a happy holiday ho ho show. We start things off by clearing out the mailbox. With all that snow we had problems getting down the driveway and we sure let the mail pile up. Drum roll please as we use random selection to decide the winners of the latest contest -- yes the one with all the really big prizes. Dave and Jeff recount their various wins (Dave) and losses (Jeff) in the games they have played recently. Rich Spilky relates an incredible account of an incredible game in our newest segment, "Crazy ASL Stories".

Peace, friends.

2:30 Banter
16:00  Letters 
33:00 And the Winners Are . . .
39:00 What'cha Been Losing Lately?
58:00 Crazy ASL Stories

This episode features tiny clips from Mannheim Steamroller's Christmas, and the Narada Christmas Collection

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Sunday, December 6, 2015

ASL Extra #23: Priority Target

Welcome to yet another ASL Extra episode! We are pleased to present another Starter Kit scenario for you beginners to enjoy. The scenario we chose is S13 Priority Target, and the format is Play by Play which means that it is a live game that Dave attempts to narrate effectively. Eric Ortega's German Falschirmjagers assault the combined British, Australian, and Greek force fielded by Zach Emberton, as they defend three AA guns. You may need ASL Starter Kit #2 in order to play along as the action commences -- either that, or a vivid imagination. At the very least you could lay out board X in order to look at the hexes as we refer to them.

You can find the photos of this game here.
An example of a too-timid German attack at Merric's Musings Blog
Greg Syferd's replay on Gamesquad Forums 

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