Monday, February 14, 2011

Episode 47: Fish 'n' Action

Bill "Fish" Conner and Daryl "Action Burke" Burke
The oral history of The Game continues in a very special interview with Bill "Fish" Conner and Daryl "Action Burke" Burke. We caught up with these ASL legends at ASLOK 2010 and had a most fascinating conversation. Even Perry Cocke couldn't resist joining in with this historical duo. No doubt The Smithsonian Institute will be calling us for a copy of this show. No thanks -- we're going to auction it at Sotheby's.

Also in this show, our new roving reporter Whit Richardson contributes a report from the Albany Tournament that includes interviews with Trezza and Bendis. The sound is a little strange due to a technical difficulty, but it is still thoroughly enjoyable.

If you're kicking yourself for not entering our 2010 Ken Smith Art Print Contest you have a chance to redeem yourself with our new contest. It's our Funny ASL Lyrics Contest. Take any song and re-write the lyrics with an ASL theme รก la Favorite ASL Things from Episode 45. Then send us your lyrics or call in and sing it to us for your chance to win a nice prize (yet to be determined) as well as global fame.

THIS is ASL Idol!

2:45 - Scenarios We've Played Lately
12:00 - Letters
22:00 - Funny Lyrics Contest announcement
29:30 - Albany Report with Whit Richardson
43:00 - Bill "Fish" Conner and Daryl "Action" Burke
1:23:18 Total Running Time

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  1. I sat down to write some funny lyrics, and when I tried, the humour density in my neighbourhood was reduced by 80%, that's how unfunny my lyrics were.
    Now, I look forward to a contest for the most dry and pedantic rules quibbling.

  2. Great idea, Andy. No doubt there would be a flood of entries on that topic. Or perhaps we could run a contest for best picayune whining or best over-the-top rant about this GAME. We better be careful, though, or we'll break the internet.

  3. Emailed my lyrics a few days ago. Haven't heard back, hope they came thru!

  4. Great interview; thanks for preserving the history of the hobby like this.