Sunday, February 6, 2011

Episode 46: Sherry Anyone?

In this lean, (and banter-free) offering, we get right down to business with an interview with the very distinguished Evan Sherry. Evan talks about the Florida Advanced Squad Leader Tournament, the Tampa Bay ASL Group, and those excellent ASL product offerings. Their latest product, Schwerpunkt volume 16, is revealed in "What's in the Box?". The second installment of the popular "PAASL: Sounds of the Game" is here for your amusement. And the Cavalry tutorial promised in T2HS #45 rounds out the episode with something for you students of the game.

Yeah Baby!

2:30 - Evan Sherry Interview
21:00 - What's in the Box? - Schwerpunkt v. 16
38:00 - PAASL Revisited; The Sounds of the Game
57:00 - Cavalry Tutorial
1:23:10 Total Running Time

Cavalry Tutorial Photos
Sherry Enterprises

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Mark Humphries said...

Please don't hold back on the banter!!! :-)

Mark Morrison said...

Love the banter! Dont stop. Keep up the good work.

Andy Beaton said...

How can I feel superior if you guys aren't engaging in foolish banter? Please restore that feature and keep the podcasts coming.

Vlad See said...

You guys sound so depressing without the banter. Please bring it back on!

Also love the Schwerpunkt and Rally Point stuff. Played a lot of those 3.5-5 turn scenarios last year! Although with short scenarios, you have to be very aggressive and can't afford much mistakes

Stephen Westrip said...

Bring back the banter!!

Do I need to get t-shirts printed?

Mike said...

I'd personally like to know who the a$$hole was who criticized the banter. I can make a guess, but he does need to eventually move out of his parents' basement one of these days.

Banter on, Dave and Jeff!

Anonymous said...

There is still too much banter. More clinical please and straight to the point! I have a busy schedule.

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