Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Episode 48: The Rich is Back

Our friend Rich Spilky is back to answer some of your burning tank tactics questions (pun intended). Rich was going back through his dusty  old newsletters (yes, the kind that were printed on paper and delivered to your house by the postman) and he thought perhaps listeners would benefit from a review of some of the articles he found. And he was right. We did.

Also We look into "the box" and find the newest Winter Offensive 2011 Bonus Pack and the ASL Starter Kit Bonus Pack, Beyond the Beaches, which introduces new players to . . . shrubbery! Or more precisely, hedges.

Don't just sit there, LISTEN!

2:30 - Letters
20:00 - Scenarios We've Played Lately
28:50 - What's in the Box?
41:00 - Tactic Time with Rich (Shermans v. Panthers and gun duels)
1:23:00 Total Running Time


View From the Turret

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  1. I don't own the Starter Kit expansion pack, but are you sure it doesn't introduce new players to bocage?

  2. Huh, just listened to the podcast. My mistake. I didn't know Starter Kit didn't already have hedges. With a name like Beyond the Beaches I was picturing the bocage terrain of Normandy.

  3. Our mistake is it is not the Expansion Pack but the Bonus Pack. We have now corrected it in the show description.

  4. Very nice podcast. I believe the Panther could, after Intensive Firing, swing around the turret to shoot at the Sherman with the Coaxial Machine Gun? This wont damage the Sherman but would make the stronger armor of the turret face the incoming shot.

  5. ATS is a pretty decent system that has evolved from the earlier COMBAT! system from Critical Hit and shares many of the features of ASL but portrays tactical level combat a bit differently (and far simply). It's achieved a good following for those that just got flummoxed by the full ASL system and wanted something lighter (this was the days before ASLSK). I like it and play it when my opponent isn't up for the ASL or ASLSK. There are some unique features to the system which makes it play differently.

    As a former tank officer, the reason why there are weaknesses in armor is because putting armor all over the tank means it would move very slowly (engine and fuel capacity limitations) as well as have a smaller gun and carry less ammo. Tank design is all about making the best compromises between armor protection, main gun size/ammo carried, and speed/agility. Increases in any one tend to mean decreases in the other two. What made the Panther so formidable was that it achieved a marvelous balance between all three that nevertheless outclassed many of its opponents on the field in a single vehicle versus single vehicle matchup. But Germany couldn't make so many of them! Main Battle Tank design tended to follow this trend and they outperformed the "single purpose" tanks of the earlier era (e.g., infantry support tanks, cavalry tanks, tank destroyers, etc.).

  6. It was good to hear Rich Spilkey again. Where is Joe?

  7. Joe recieved too many compliments and was booted sources say. :-)

  8. Rich Spilky is great at explaining the intricacies of the rules.

  9. It sounded like you guys were saying either side could declare a gun duel, it just depends on who declares their "regular" shot first. Did the rules change? I'm pretty sure the DEFENDER is only allowed to declare a gun duel when the ATTACKER declares a BFF shot before expending any MP. I remember playing:

    Move.... Pause/let DEFENDER declare a shot.... if no shot, ATTACKER can take a shot and DEFENDER cannot declare a gun duel.

  10. You are correct Sir. Thanks for clarifying.