Saturday, April 2, 2011

Episode 49: Houseman of Dark Shadows Style Zombies

Zombies rock! And so does anyone who can come up with an ASL Zombie scenario. The very idea is so cool it would be killing us if we weren't already undead. Glenn Houseman of the East Side Gamers is that very guy and we had the pleasure of interviewing him at ASLOK 2010. You can find a whole lot of "normal" ASL scenarios at their website also, but we think we need Zombie counters.

Have you ever heard of a female ASLer? Well one exists and we have the interview to prove it, thanks to a contribution from listener Mark Zielinski. Mark is also a contributor to The Dice Tower netcast.

Box Art Review makes an appearance in this episode with a look at the Bonus Packs from MMP.

"In the box" are some Americans from the 45th Infantry Division.  Those GI's can be found in the Rally Point Volume 5: Thunderbird Pack. They run rampant in some great scenarios from the famous Bill Sisler.

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2:30 - Letters
24:00 - Scenarios We've Played Lately
28:00 - What's in the Box?
33:00 - Box Art Review
45:00 - Glenn Houseman Interview
1:08:00 - Liz Interview
1:32:45 - Total Running Time

East Side Gamers

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  1. Hate to say it but this seems like the Jump the Shark episode. There is sooo much stuff going on in the ASL world to be talking about box art and zombies. HOB shuttering its doors after many years of good stuff. The finish module. Suicide Creek. I love your show but this one was not so good.

  2. Thanks for your comments. This may not have been our strongest show, but hopefully we are far from "jumping the shark". Be sure to check out our next episode -- our 50th! -- it's going to be a beauty.

  3. I liked this episode...I like them all. I was most interested in the interview with Liz, woman ASLer.

    I once dated a girl and we played ASL all the time, obsessively. In fact, (war)gaming and ASL was in many ways the core of our relationship. So I think there is more potential for female gamers out there.

    One thing was that I once got to go play with some older, crusty ASL grognards, but they didn't want her to go. "No girls allowed!" kind of thing. This ended up putting a strain on things with her, because I was going to play "our game" with other people who excluded her. I didn't keep playing with those guys, actually.

    Also, my girlfriend's attitude to the rules was similar to Liz's. She never read the rules and I had to completely teach her everything. I got annoyed at times because she'd forget the rules a lot, but hell. She was still a strong player actually and beat me half the time we played. Fun times.

  4. I don't agree with the first comment. Yes, it was a kind of a "filler" episode but it's not like the ASL scene is too hectic to keep up with. ;)

    Besides, this ep was released in less than two weeks after the last one (much quicker than usual). No reason to complain at all.

    I liked the zombie guy.

  5. I love it when people complain about free podcasts!

  6. I thought the interview with Glennbo was good. It is interesting that sometimes he designs scenarios backwards--setting up a fun action and objective and all the pieces, then imagining where this could've taken place in WW2 and adding the historical part later. This is heresy!

  7. Hey guys! The moving up into the trees line is THE funniest thing that I have ever heard regarding ASL. Thanks for all the time you put into making an enjoyable show. Looking forward to your 50th. Congrats and keep them coming!

  8. I think you should be able to climb trees, maybe just a HS and an LMG per hex. I only say that because I tried it once in VASL when I couldn't see the terrain I was in or that the building beside me ended due to having too many counters. It would be nice if I could throw a ruling back in the face of the people who laughed at me.