Thursday, April 21, 2011

ASL Extra #12: Maczek Fire Brigade

Welcome ASL fans, for another rollicking T2HS Extra. In this installment, our own Dave Kleinschmidt commands the Germans against challenger Rick Hollander's Polish defenders in "Maczek Fire Brigade". This is a popular tournament scenario for good reason -- it's well balanced and is a scant six turns long. Break out scenario J113 and follow along as our stalwart opponents engage in devastating and delirious mortal combat. Feel free to leave your comments and suggestions as regards our poor play. That way others may benefit from your wisdom. Zeb Doyle has a nice write up of his play of said scenario the Banzaii Blog.

Sound the alarm. This one's H-O-T.

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  1. Cool podcast, my friend Tony turned me on to you guys, I'm getting back in to ASL now (played SL when it first came out some 35 YEARS AGO!)

    I'm on episode 5, so I got three years of catch up. to do :D

  2. One of my favourite scenarios. Very interesting.

  3. 19:37 "ATR .. intensive fired it"

    C5.6 Intensive Fire NA for SW