Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Episode 50: Fabulous Fifty!

It's hard to believe, but we have actually made it to the big episode 5-0! Quite an accomplishment, wouldn't you agree? We had so many requests from listeners, celebrities, friends, and family who wanted to join us on this momentous night that we just couldn't decide who was most deserving. So we decided to keep it just the two of us and present our favorite kind of show -- lots of talk about our favorite game in the whole, wide world. And banter, boy do we banter!

Letters, letters, letters! Boy, do we have letters. Thank you to everyone who writes. The feedback and contributions are much appreciated. Your many links are below.

Also we look into "the box" and find some very cool Countersmith Turret Counters and the new ASL SK Expansion Pack #1, wherein we finally find out if the much ballyhooed "Kleinschmidt" counter appears. The answer will surprise you.

We'll save the celebrities for another time. This one is banter-licious!

2:00 - Letters
39:00 - ASL Lyrics Contest
40:00 - The Half-Squad Singer performing BUNGLE IN THE JUNGLE
50:00 - What's in the Box?
1:18:30 Total Running Time

From Starter Kit to Full ASL by Mikka Sohlman
Bill Kohler's excellent player aids page
Games Club of Maryland
ASL Logbook
Yockbo's Boardgame Blog
ASL Training by Russ Gifford
Adelaide Gamer blog
Mattias' Module Dependency Chart

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  1. Don't worry. I didn't mind having my article mentioned three times during the Letters. :)

    Excellent episode btw.

  2. Here are the lyrics to the T2HS song parody contest: Bungle in the Jungle.

    Bungle in the Jungle by Sgt. Schmutz (Dennis)

    (To JETHRO TULL’s Bungle in the Jungle)

    Thinking ‘bout forests of palm trees and collapsed huts
    Picked up Code of Bushido (forget ‘bout the rent!)
    Down at the gamestore – got it last Friday
    Driving me nuts –waiting for ASL Sundays
    Japs and Marines, H-T-H in the jungle
    It’s wild and crazy, as are we: “Gung Ho!”
    Let’s play Bungle in the Jungle, well, that sounds good to me!
    Its ASL scenario
    Number sixty-two or sixty-three
    It takes place in Burma, 1942
    PTO rules in effect, including light jungle
    Brits are attacking and the Japs are defending
    HA-GOs vs. Stuarts couldn’t be cooler
    Our usual wager? “I’ll bet you a dinner.”
    This game that we zealots play is a winner
    Let’s play Bungle in the Jungle, well, I want the Japanese!
    A 2 6 point 5 for balance
    With a dr when we disagree
    OOB’s full of Desert Rat nasties
    I’ll have to ambush him in the kunai grass
    He’s a master of ARTY and loves overruns
    My emplaced AT Gun rookies lie waiting for him
    to light up his Stuarts
    spell out his doom
    But my plan turned to crap now I sing a new tune!

  3. Another good episode, glad you like the counters but you said my name wrong, it's Willey as in Dick, yep honest. Dare you correct it on the show ;-).

    How about a link to my blog (self promoting git that I am)


  4. The blue colored letters are links. Click on the company name! Glad to be of help.

  5. The Starter Kit Expansion Pack has an 8-0 Sgt Klein and a 7-0 Cpl Schmidt counter. It looks like you will have to keep these two counters stacked together to get the result you are looking for. Just trying to ease the pain...

  6. Happy 50th!!! Congrat's. Looking foward to the 100th ep.

  7. Hi guys, great show,
    somebody was asking for books with infantry tactics, closest thing I know is the real field manuals, you can find a lot of the rescinded versions on the net, here 2 links:

    I don't like the second one that much because it has a lot of popups but the information is good.
    Keep up the great work.

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  9. to Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday to you,
    I just rolled a two;
    Your Tiger's now burning,
    Here, have another brew.


  10. Hi,

    Re: books with tactical content, you should try "Small Unit Actions During the German Campaign in Russia". This is great reading for any ASLer is available free on the web:

    Several of the actions described in this book have been converted into ASL scenarios.


    P.S. another great episode guys - keep bantering!