Friday, November 11, 2011

Episode 58: Looney Times

Sufferin' succotash! Sometimes we sit down at the microphones without really knowing how the session will unfold. Oh. . . you've noticed that? This one gets a little looney.

Jeff starts with a report on his visit to The National Churchill Museum in Fulton, MO. Great horny toads, what a surprising and delightful find there in America's heartland. It was at Westminster College in Fulton that Winston Churchill gave his famous Iron Curtain speech in 1946. The museum constructed some years later in honor of the great British statesman is worth a drive, for sure. As a bonus, the museum was also host to a traveling exhibit of The Naval Art of Thomas Hart Benton.

Next we get on with Letters, of course. Did we read YOUR letter? If you haven't written, then of course not. So write us and we'll get you on the air. Anything you have to say has GOT to be more interesting than our inane banter.

Later, just as were about to settle in to serious business, Dave pops in a Box Art Review -- a double header, no less, starting with commentary on the cover of "Blood Reef: Tarawa", and then proceeding to a new, unopened copy of "For King and Country". But that fresh FKaC packaging doesn't last long as we tear into it for a look at "What's in the Box".

Finally, we get into some ASL Action as we present our first, of what we hope will be many, Set Up Comparisons.  Dave and Dave each set up a defense for scenario J112 Prelude to Dying and comment on their rationale and strategy.  It's interesting and instructive to see how other players approach a set up situation. How do they compare to your ideas?

On with the show, this is it!

6:20 National Churchill Museum
10:45 Letters
24:00 Box Art Review
36:45 What's in the Box
51:00 Set Up Comparison 'Prelude to Dying' J112
1:24:15 Total Running Time

That's all, folks!

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  1. My ASL app for Android does not roll a six for either die roll. Are they the "dice that roll low"?

  2. Love the podcast and love listening to you guys, but seriously, the sound effects in this episode are getting a bit obnoxious.

    Otherwise another enjoyable show, keep it up.

  3. I love the show and the humour, but couldn't listen to all of those sound effects. Help!
    Gary (N.Ireland)

  4. What is up with the annoying sound effects? I also hate to say it but the box art review section is just a waste of valuable airtime that could be dedicated to more interesting topics.

  5. Dave thought he was producing a masterwork of surreal listening humor. Guess he was wrong. Oh well....... it will sure make editing easier to go back to the simpler occasional sound effect.

  6. Random number generators are finicky things. Some day I'll implement a mersenne twister implementation ( for the dice rolling.

    Thanks Dave and Jeff for mentioning the app.

  7. Where's the "annoying" button? Good episode, in between the effects.

  8. Whatever prompted the sound effects inclusion ? Did someone hit a sound effect activation number ? (SEAN). The listener population is invoking "no quarter." This podcast is just fine but the effects are highly disruptive.