Thursday, January 22, 2015

Episode 132: The One with the Harp

Last week we were pleased to be the featured guests on another podcast. Three Moves Ahead is the leading computer and console strategy game themed podcast on the internet. You can listen to it here Three Moves Ahead Episode 292 Advanced Squad Leader

In this episode of The 2 Half-Squads Jeff is joined in the broadcast foxhole by his wife Robin to read some letters. Cue the harp music!

Later we get caught up opening some gifts from listeners and then go into some discussion of what we've been playing lately.

11:00 Letters
Gifts from Dennis, Allen, Matt, Steve A and Steve Jobs.
What Have You Been Playing As of Late

Coconut Casualty
Coconut Bombs
All about The Netherlands . . . or is it Holland?

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  1. Your wife was right, 15 seconds of the Letter theme song is enough for me.

  2. Your wife was also correct about Joss' comments regarding episode 129 where at 87:41 you and Ken briefly discussed playing cardboard via SKYPE. Some of the comments questioned why anyone might prefer that method...such as the "tactile sensation of moving pieces and so on, which were certainly not intended to offend anyone, but I will admit struck me sorta the same way they struck Joss. And I believe that Ken responded to Joss' comment and clarified that he didn't intend any dig on Cardboard via SKYPE play. We can all be a little over protective of our preferred method of playing ASL. I was certainly guilty as well. And I think we can all agree that just playing ASL no matter the means is something we all love to do.

  3. You are absolutely right when you say "And I think we can all agree that just playing ASL no matter the means is something we all love to do." A charging berserk squad is cool no matter what it is made of.

  4. Hey Jeff and Dave! Was nice hearing Robin in the broadcast foxhole. Reminded me of your earlier episodes! I stumbled across a movie 'snippet' of the German mini-series "Generation War" on youtube. Ordered the DVD from Amazon (It is available on Netflix too) and watched the entire 3 parts. Very, very good! I would compare it to "Band of Brothers" as to quality and story telling. Check it out:
    Roll low and Rally well!