Saturday, July 18, 2015

ASL Extra 22: A Bloody Harvest - Play by Play

Dave Timonen, as the Germans, attacks into Poland in 1939. Doug Gries, as the Poles, defends a small village surrounded by grain fields. Doug hasn't played a game in quite a while but, much like riding a bicycle, it all comes back to him very quickly. The fact that both OB's were infantry only surely helped.

This was recorded during a PAASL meeting and there is a bit of annoying background noise until about 40 minutes in. This episode has been recorded with every move covered in detail, so it is well worth the effort of listening. There is a nice discussion of tactics at the end. So break out your boards, focus in on the main voices, and enjoy.
Which side will prevail?
Listen to find out!

The Scenario Card
The Germans pass by the trenches.

Photos of the game at Flikr
ASL Index
A Replay on the "Hulldown" Blog
Scott J, Eddie Z, and B. Abela's AAR

Total Running Time: 1:55:15

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  1. I'm such a geek for ASL. I love listening to others play. It gets me amped for my next game. I played AP8 just this past year. My over watch Polish MMG kept maintaining rate much to the chagrin of my German opponent who simply ran out of time. He might have gotten there with the extra turn given by the balance. I remember setting up the trench counters in hexes where they couldn't be used by the Germans as a fire base to suppress my medium or help to help their advance on the village (set two up in X9 and X10 which helped stifle the German advance on that flank ,,, can't remember where I put the others). I did put some speed bump units in the grain but further back where I could benefit from the hindrance and try and keep concealment as long as possible while falling back. I concur with the consensus that the Germans need to deploy to mitigate the casualties and push hard on both flanks. The Pole MMG has such a great field of fire but if the German can quickly advance both flanks, that machine gun will eventually have to commit its CA one way or the other if it stays in that position. Anyway, enjoyed this extra (as I do all of them). Thanks.

  2. Here's my AAR on Bloody Harvest, played during the MALAYA MADNESS tourney

    Rgds Jack

  3. Can you post some more pics? End of player turn or the like?


  4. Due to Dave forgetting to photograph the end game, we regret they do not exist.