Saturday, August 1, 2015

Episode 144: When Jeff Doesn't Say Ummm.

Eric Ortega (front and center) and friends
from Southwest Outpost ASL Group
In today's episode we're happy to welcome Eric Ortega to the broadcast foxhole. Eric is commander-in-chief of Southwest Outpost, a new and burgeoning ASL group near Chicago. If you're not excited about Advanced Squad Leader, Eric's infectious exuberance will fix that!

This episode has a bit [a LOT, actually] of something for everyone. Barrels of banter, tons of tips, scads of scenario talk. The only thing lacking is Jeff saying, "ummm".

St. Louis scenario "Revenge is a Dish" Japanese Burmese set-up

1:00 Discussion of SW Gaming Group with Eric
12:15 What's in the Box -- Journal 1 (part 1)
1:15:00 Scenario Analysis -- STL10 Revenge is a Dish
Total Running Time 1:39:10
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  1. Eric has done a great job growing and harvesting the new players in his area.

    Anyone know a great source where to look for new players? Doctors, machinists, strippers? No lawyers, of course. LOL

  2. Come take a look at Hallet's chat room - 85 strong now and going all the time

    - SE Asia Bureau Chief of the SW Outpost!!!! Jackson Kwan

  3. Eric is such a funny and talented guy. His comment on Flames of War was terrific! I have listened three times (so far) and lol in every occasions.

    Due to work, I need to drive to China once a week. So at a minimum, each of your episode will be listened at least four times, at most eight. So please keep it coming more frequently! Once a month is so long to wait!

    Regarding ASL Journal 1 Smoke article. Tom is referring to two situations:
    One situation is a squad assault moves (AM) to concealment terrain Location and then throws Smoke in its own hex, 3MF in total.
    The other situation is Squad+Leader combo declare AM, throw Smoke to ADJACENT Open Ground (2MF) and then move there (another 2MF). 4MF are used in total. But due to Leader Bonus, AM can still be declared.

    Both are legit moves and are moving to one Location only.

    Erwin Lau, Hong Kong, Asia.

  4. This past episode was great!!!! Two items for improvement thoughts;
    First, I would like a more I depth analysis of the Hallet Manuver. I would like to know how to best implement the Hallet Manuver to befuddle my opponent.

    Second, we need more Eric!! His passion and enthusiasm for the game is a great compliment to everything already built by Jeff and Dave. Also, his experience in the military brings a great deal of in sight. I vote for a name change; "The 3 Half Squads" sounds good to me!

  5. Erwin, thanks for the clarification on the smoke move. We need comments from the listeners to help keep us straight. We would point out that we have been publishing twice or more a month for most all of our time "on the air". It must mean we are doing something right that it only seems like once

    Doug, Eric's enthusiasm is contagious and we will have him on again someday as well as the rest of our many local guests. However, it must remain "T2HS", it just sounds better as a title.