Saturday, April 11, 2015

ASL Extra 21: Hammer to the Teeth

What? Another ASL Extra episode? Isn't that three extra episodes in as many months? Yes, it is, and thanks for noticing. Now just because we have achieved that high level of production recently doesn't mean you can take it to the bank -- or to the dentist. We just thought it was time to offer up some extra Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit material to our listener-ship, and so we got busy.
Hold on to your molars, break out your boards and unit counters, and follow along as Eric Ortega and Ron Schatz play scenario S15 Hammer to the Teeth.  This episode is recorded in the play by play style with Dave Kleinschmidt providing the live commentary.

Photos of Our Game Are Here at Our Flikr Site

Eddy M. del Rio's Excellent Example of Play and Tutorial
Merric's Musings Account of Said Battle
American Dental Association
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  1. Awesome Extra! Thanks. From the sounds of the players, made for a rollicking good time!

  2. I love the extras. It's nice to hear games in progress, and it's nice to hear Dave talking. I loved the 3 hour solo ASLSK Extra episode a while back. They are different than 'normal' episodes, but just as enjoyable. Thanks for all the work, guys.