Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Episode 17: Monkey Business

It’s business as usual in the broadcast foxhole, which means our carefully laid plans to talk in-depth about Phases in ASL quickly fall apart amidst a lot of other monkey business. Still, we do finally get down to a good discussion of the pre-game sequence. We’ll be covering the rest of the phases (hopefully) next time. We hope you enjoy this one. Thanks for listening!
Show Guide:
  • Listener feedback — We get a LOT of email. Sorry if you don’t get to yours on this show. We’re doing our best. Please keep writing!
  • What’s in the Box — Another splendid offering from Schwerpunkt
  • Scenario Report — What we’ve played recently
  • Box Art — Egad! What can one say about it?
  • ASOP: Pre-game Sequence — an in-depth look at what needs to happen before the first dice roll.
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