Monday, April 20, 2009

Newbie-Do Part 1

Newbie-Do is a mini-series designed specifically for the new ASL player. In this first installment, Jeff and Joe play through two turns of Starter Kit 1’s first scenario, “Retaking Verville”. We cover victory conditions and setup, and then walk step-by-step through each phase — explaining in each event in detail as we progress. If you never played ASL before or are confused by the phases and such, grab out your Starter Kit and follow along.

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  1. Sometimes hard to listen for a non native speaker, but I think I catch 98.6% of it. Many greetings from wargame diaspora in South Germany. Great Podcast, sad not to discoverd it earlier.


  2. The German player moved offboard into P1 without going through the half hex P0 ?!

  3. American units that Defensive First Fired in German turn 2 rolled doubles. Because they cowered, they should have been marked with Final Fire not First Fire.

  4. Thanks, very helpful, especially for a beginner playing along is a good introduction. Andreas Brueckner