Friday, July 1, 2011

Episode 52: From the Land Down Under

ANZAC ASL sets the world right
G'day Mates! This edition comes to you from Down Under, sorta'. We hope it's a corker and not a yabber. Some of the last of the ASLOK 2010 interviews are here; Steve Linton and David Longworth make their appearances in this episode, including some "history of the game" discussion about that revered wargaming group, The Paddington Bears. Down under? They're top 'o the world in our book. In honor of these guys and all the great ANZAC players we're displaying McArthur's Corrected Map. Can't you hear, can't you hear the thunder?

The 2 Half-Squads Singers wow us yet again with more song entries presented for your entertainment. By the way, the song contest ends on July 31st and prizes will be awarded, so don't miss this great opportunity.

"What's in the Box?" uncovers the wonderful nuggets in MMP's very recent release of ASL Journal #9. The indefatigable Dave has already read it and gives his overview.

And there's lots more, so be a good bloke and pull up a chair, keep the bities away from you with an Aussie Salute, pour up some amber fluid, and we will put some shrimp on the barbie for yeh' -- and we will eat them for yeh, too. You're welcome.

Lyrics to Breakin' in the Grain
We're pinning in the grain, Just breaking in the grain
What a glorious feeling, we rally again
We're laughing at guns, so big on the hill
The sarge's in our hex, and we're ready to charge
Let the green half-squad chase, the H-I-P from the place
Come on with the wave, we have smoke on the way
We run down the plain, in the enemy firelane
Just pinnin' and breakin' in the grain.

Lyrics to Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to you, I just rolled a 2.
Your Tiger's now burning, so have another brew (up).

11:00 - Letters
26:30 - Songs
30:00 - Scenarios We've Played Lately
43:00 - Interview with Steve Linton
1:09:00 What's in the Box? Journal 9
1:22:30 Interview with David Longworth (Paddington Bears)
1:38:50 Total Running Time

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The Paddington Bears

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  1. Followup: Jeff mistakenly identified the composer of The 2 Half-Squads theme music as "Dennis". The correct name is, of course, "Derek K. Miller".

    We took another look at The Battlespace web site and it's clear now. The site offers the magazine in a choice of resolutions presented in interactive and animated Adobe Flash format, suitable for on-line viewing with a computer, as well as two choices for PDF format suitable for off-line viewing or from non-Flash enabled devices such as iPads.

  2. Thanks for the interview with Steve Linton. I played against him for our first GS VASL League game. The scenario was Commando Schenke from Beyond Valor. It was close but I got beaten in the end. Its nice to hear him chat about his interests and experiences. I had a fun time playing with him.

  3. Why is it strange that a little old Hispanic lady is reading a war story? What should she be reading? Curious to know...