Monday, June 30, 2014

Episode 119: Listen or Elst

Ah the joys of adulthood. The holiday season is six months hence, but we're all grown up and there's no reason why we can't have presents whenever we want. So join us as we gleefully tear into Multi-Man Publishing's latest offering for Starter Kit Advanced Squad Leader -- Decision at Elst. This is the first historical module for the Starter Kit series. You don't know what that means? Well then, listen. Or else.

But we're not all fun and games here in the broadcast foxhole. Even we admit all play and no work would make us dull[er than usual], and in this spirit we knuckle-down with some serious brain exercises. So take off your helmet, don your thinking cap and play along with Dave, Dave and Mark as Jeff conducts another Quiz Show using the official Q&A from Avalon Hill.

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1:00 - Banter
8:00 - Decision at Elst
43:00 - What We've Been Playin' Lately
58:25 - Quiz Show!
1:22:35 - Total Running Time

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Friday, June 20, 2014

Episode 118: The King is Dead!

Tonight in the broadcast foxhole we are joined by our friends -- and sometime-enemies -- Dave Timonen and Mark Woods to discuss, rehash, complain, gloat, and generally blabber regarding our recent play of scenario ABTF8, God Save the King from MMP's A Bridge Too Far historical module. If you've ever played or never played this classic we invite you to listen in as we relive the thrill and agony that is Advance Squad Leader. (Can you guess which side won? There's a wee hint hidden in the title of this episode.) Then we continue our nostalgic look back to earlier days of Advanced Squad Leader with a review of ASL Annual 93b.

Hey, do you want to add some panache to your ASL play? Here is your chance to possess your very own set of T2HS OBA/playing cards. The deck features artwork by T2HS fan, Steven Kiss. That's Charlie on the back, radioing for OBA, while Dave and Jeff are featured on the other side. For just $24 you get the complete deck of 52 standard playing cards (plus 2 Jokers who look awfully familiar). Great for use with ASL's Off Board Artillery, as well as poker, Old Maid, Fizbin and other card games. But that's not all! These high-quality cards create a nice sound effect when clipped in the spokes of your bicycle! What fun! Support The 2 Half-Squads Podcast and own a real collectors item. To get your T2HS OBA deck, email us at the2halfsquads at gmail dot com. We'll send you the details.

 3:20 -OBA Card Sale Announced
11:00 - Discussion of Various Films and Things
16:15 - Annual '93b
42:30 - God Save the King!
1:19:00 - Total Running Time

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