Saturday, September 26, 2015

Episode 147: Ukulele Jeff

Don't hate Dave because he's beautiful. You can buy
one of these great hats. Then you'll be beautiful too!
OK, we admit it. This episode doesn't contain as much ASL goodness as you may have come to expect from us. We do spend more time than usual with banter about vacation adventures, business ventures, contest indentures and cinema quenchers. But it's all good and valuable and useful and worthy of your time. Plus, there's still plenty of ASL . . . somewhere in there, somewhere between the vertigo and the ukulele music.

Oh yeah, and did we mention we have HATS?
The hat doesn't come with instructions, but it doesn't matter.
You'll look great no matter how you wear it.
1:00      Vacation Banter
18:00    Jeff's Non ASL Cockamamie Ideas
19:45    Contest announced (we mean it this          time!) Ends Oct 31st 2015
23:25    Letters (and hat sale announcement)
29:30    Movie Review Emperor
57:50    Scenario Analysis Arctic Crossroads 
1:14:30  TOTAL

Arctic Crossroads Defensive Set-up
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  1. Great podcast as always! Dave's trip made me want to hop in the car and head up to the Little Bighorn!

  2. I know snark is the rage on the internet, but allow me to say that this episode seemed heartfelt and sweet. Nice work, guys. And I always enjoy your movie reviews, along with anything else you wish to talk about. (And make no mistake, MacArthur, whatever his other qualities, was an incredibly vain and egotistical man)

  3. And, btw, Dave loses some cool points for what appears to be a Water World DVD on his shelf.

  4. Water World is not to be found on his shelf. The films reviews were so poor that Dave has never seen it. Dances With Wolves is there though.

  5. Ok, I'll refund the cool points.....for now.