Thursday, November 12, 2015

Episode 150: T2HS Greatest Hits Part V


Sorry, we're not. This one includes episode 62 through 75. Look on the bright side, we've been told this series concludes once we get to episode 100.
Total Running Time - 2:37:25

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Jack Dempsey said...

Hey Jeff and Dave... almost Thanksgiving. Appreciated next installment of "Greatest Hits"... but it is 3 days later and still not appearing in Itunes?? What gives? Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families. Enjoy the holiday!

Unknown said...

I loved the electronic message section towards the end and the music to accompany it was hilarious! Please, please include this in a future show and I can laugh all over again.

Anonymous said...

Hello guys! Any chance of getting a follow-up / update on the Jim Stahler book project? Is it still in the works? Can we ASLers expect it any time in the (near) future. Have a great Holiday!!!

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