Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Episode 312: VASL Shimmers with Doug Rimmer

We are very fortunate to have Doug Rimmer join us this evening. Doug is one of the many unsung heroic developers of the Virtual Advanced Squad Leader site. Doug discusses the wonders of VASL, revealing some of the more recent developments in the upcoming version of the program. We chat a bit about the future plans for VASL and even let you know how you can send in some suggestions and ask about problems you are having with the system. If you listen closely, you will hear some trouble shooting advice!  

Long Live the Selfless Developers of VASSAL and VASL!


:03 Let's Get Right to the Interview 
1:13:54 Total Running Time
The VASSAL Engine

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  1. Great episode. I listened to it, and may have to go back and watch it the video to get all the VASL tips.

  2. Three great people all in the same place at the same time talking 100% about the greatest game ever made; pure ASL kismet. Catchy title too. Looking forward to listening to this. However, this episode is not showing up in my Apple Podcast App Library. Jeff, Dave, any ideas?

  3. Hi, Allan. Thanks for your nice note -- and for pointing out the podcast catcher issue. We think it's fixed now.

  4. It is fixed. Thanks! Just listened to it. Great episode. Like you guys, Doug does so much for the ASL community. I’m glad he’s recorded for posterity. I wonder how he’ll handle his new found fame :-)

  5. I enjoyed doing the show with you guys! At one point, one of you suggested that the release notes for a new version be added to the help menu in that VASL version. As of VASL6.6.6-beta5, that is done. A great suggestion! An easy way for players to see what's new when they need it - while playing. VASL6.6.6-beta5 released today. Give it a try:

  6. Really enjoyed your conversation with Doug. I might suggest having him back twice a year to cover the updates in each VASL release. The updates coming in v 6.6.6 sound great. - Gary

  7. Also, want to thank Doug, the two of you and all of the others that put in so much effort supporting this great game that we all enjoy.