Sunday, January 1, 2023

Episode 311: Surrender Your Integrity

Clink and Drink Boys and Girls!
(as long as you are of age)
Clink and drink in the New Year kids!  Best wishes for 2023 to all of us! We welcome Mike Ryzy back to the broadcast foxhole for an interesting discussion of  Battlefield Integrity and the Field Promotion rules.  We hope you will indulge us as we banter a bit longer today, and also cover some of the most amazing WWII/War related items that appeared In The News in 2022. And we think you might enjoy the tour of Jeff's game/music room.

But first, let's listen to Surrender! 

Concept and Lyrics: Dennis Donovan
Performed by: The 2 Half-Squad Singers

Took an MC, a 3MC, and I rolled a ‘2’
A Russian half-squad, also broken

and they’re inexperienced.

Plus 4 DRMs on to their Heat of Battle roll:

I rolled box cars, now a white flag’s being flown



It’s 16 alright?, okay, alright

That just seems a little weird
Surrender, surrender, they

Throw in the towel today, ay, ay, ay

F.5 says in the Desert, refusal it is NA                             
Unlike the late war, Allies vs. the Japs in the Philippines
No, fanatics, Gurkhas, commissars, or Partisans,          
Will surrender via the Rout Phase Method  A20.21


Surrender at night?  In CC?  That’s right

It just seems a little weird
Surrender, surrender

You’re disrupted anyway, ay, ay, ay 

Whatever happened to all my broken half-squads over there?
Thought they rallied in the building, but they all disappeared
Oh yeah, that’s right, they got captured ‘cuz they couldn’t rout
Got surrounded, they all gave up, put that ol’ white flag out


They were next to, your K.E.U.s, 

It was, just as I feared
Surrendered, surrendered

Because they couldn’t rout away, ay, ay, ay 


:03 Song "Surrender!"
2:40 ASL Talk
15:00 Tour of Jeff's Game/Music Room
18:55 In the News
29:30 Rules 
1:02:54 Total Running Time

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  1. I might have to start integrating Battlefield Integrity to my chronological playthrough... Thanks for another great episode.

  2. Great episode! It has been almost three years since I have had the chance to play ASL, looking forward to returning soon. The rule discussed here has interested me for a while. It has been really great to have you guys doing these podcasts, they help keep my "ASL mind" going during this gaming absence. However, I must apologize to Dave. I listen to episodes in clumps, I have them all on a flash drive in the car. I really dug this episode....and the very next episode Dave could not remember the name of this rule, and he could really only guess at how it worked. Good grief Kleinschmidt!!! I thought it was bad back in the "What Are the Netherlands?" days, but to forget this rule so quickly? I yelled at what was coming out of my car radio in disgust! Then, I saw it. The button that says "Shuffle" was illuminated. What was playing was not the next episode, Episode 312, but an episode numbered in the very low 100s from ten years ago. As my penance, I will swallow not one (as Dave did), but two balls of wasabi. Given that I married into a Japanese family (which I can not get to stripe for the life of me) that should be easy to come by. I shall roll low and rally well, but certainly not when I play you guys. Thanks, and sorry, again.

  3. Thanks for the comment Louye. Sadly, it is only a matter of time before Dave forgets the rules covered in the previous show. It is a tad frustrating but, so it goes. ;>)